Fan Fiction Friday: Ryu, Ken and Shun in “Big for His Age”


?I think from the title you can already see where this week’s FFF, submitted by DB, is headed. There are only two things you need to know before you begin: 1) Shun is apparently Ryu’s incredibly generic-looking younger brother, who only shows up in Street Fighter Alpha: The Animation. He’s not in any of the actual games, thank god. 2) This story was written by Bishieboysgang, who also wrote the previous FFF entry “Goten’s Birthday.” He… let’s just say he definitely has a type. Now, round 1 — Begin!

It was a hot afternoon–almost too hot to spar–but Ken, Ryu, and Shun had
trained nonetheless. The result now was that they were drenched in
sweat and exhausted. A bath was definitely in order.

The three fighters entered the bath house and began to disrobe. Ken
noticed Shun turn away and jumped on the chance to rip on him. “Don’t
worry, kid. We’ve all seen dicks before.”

“Dozens of dicks. Hundreds, even. Seriously, I see dicks all the time. I’m like the kid from The Sixth Sense, just more penis-y.”

“We promise not to laugh at the
little thing between your legs.” Shun’s face became scarlet. Ken did not
notice Ryu staring at him in horror.

“I bet my dick is bigger than yours!” Shun shot back.

“Ha! I have the biggest dick of any man I have ever met. 18 inches of fat fuckpole, kid!”

“And I ask every man I meet to show me their dicks, so I have a wide range of sample dicks to compare myself to! Seriously, I cannot stress enough how many dicks I’ve seen.” Round 2 begins after the jump.

Ryu tried to interrupt. “Ken, I really think–“

“Oh YEAH!” Shun was a smart boy. He knew tactics. “I’ll BET you I’m bigger!”

I’m not sure this really qualifies as a “tactic.”

Ken began laughing. “Sure, kid. What’s the bet?”

Ryu tried to interrupt again. He was unconsciously rubbing his backside like he was in pain. “Ken, I am trying to–“

Foreshadowing! Or, if you prefer, foreskinshadowing.

“If you’re bigger, I’ll be your slave for a month. If I’m bigger, I get to fuck you all I want for a whole day.”

Ken was laughing almost uncontrollably now. “This kid is insane! Ok!
You’re on!” Shun was still facing away, so Ken did not see the evil look
in the boy’s eyes.

Or the evil look on the boy’s penis.

For his part, Ryu did not need to see it. He had seen it before. He
looked at Ken in horror and started to speak. “I–” But, then remembering
that discretion was the better part of valor, he excused himself from
the bath. “I…forgot something…I’ll come back….later…” He practically ran

“Ok, kid. Check this out.” Ken untied his ghi and pulled out his cock.
Even soft, it was as big around as a 2-liter bottle and hung almost to
his knee. It was most impressive. But, Shun just laughed.

What would that 2-liter bottle be of? Squirt?

“I guess that’s big for some people. But, not for me.” Ken’s looked
turned from fascination to shock to terror over what he saw next.

I strongly recommend playing “Thus Spake Zarathustra” while reading the next few paragraphs.

Shun looked into the air and began to concentrate. Slowly, his cock
began to stir and then grow. Shun’s shorts became tight. Ken saw the
outline of a growing cock moving under the shorts and down one leg. The
head appeared. The leg of the shorts became tight. The head continued to
descend and its girth continued to grow as well. Soon, the leg of the
shorts popped, sending the fat cock swinging between Shun’s legs. It
stretched below his knee and continued to grow.

Now, it was beginning to stiffen and rise. Seems began to give way under
its unstoppable power. Bigger and bigger it grew until it towered over
Shun’s head. Thicker and longer. Longer and thicker. It was monstrous.
Ken could not believe his eyes. It was bigger than the kid was.

When it finally stopped growing, it stood at an incredible 5 feet tall
and was as big around as one of Ken’s heavily-muscled thighs. Giant
veins powered the mammoth thing, and it was topped by a huge round head
that flared out almost to the size of Ken’s chest. Ken was agog as Shun
smirked at him.

Shun is.. the Penis Hustler.

“Not bad for a little kid, huh? I think I win. I can put it in you right
now, or you can come over and suck on it a while. That might make it a
little easier for you.”

“There’s no way I can take that thing! What the hell!”

“You lost the bet! And if Ryu can take it, so can you!” Shun leveled the monster at Ken. “Now, come on!”

This sounds like the worst Street Fighter II bonus round ever.

“Ryu….took…this?” Ken was stunned. But, if Ryu could do it…then he had
to. He slowly approached Shun and timidly reached out to put his hand on
the head of the cock. Man, it even FELT huge.

maximus contempt disgust 2.jpg


Hot, and hard and
incredibly heavy. Shun shuddered a little as Ken ran his hand along the
rim of the head. This was unbelievable.

“Come on. Get started. You lost the bet.”

Ken looked at Shun, then his eyes returned to the leviathan cock. He
would not dishonor himself. He lost the bet. He would have to pay up.

I very much question the idea that masturbating a penis the size of a punching bag is less dishonorable than welching on a bet, but then, I’m no martial artist.

Ken began by licking the head of the cock. The hole was as big as his

toht face melting.jpg

?I know I should be inured to pretty much anything in FFF at this point, but a mouth-sized urethral opening really grosses me the fuck out.

A steady river of pre-cum poured forth in unending supply. Ken
licked at it and massaged the great, round cap with both hands. He ran
his hands through the cum and used it to slick up as much of the cock as
he could reach. He licked into the head and noticed Shun shiver with
delight. A little moan escaped from the boy’s mouth.

If any of you want to recreate this scene at home, I recommend getting a child’s sleeping bag and filling it with Jell-o. It should be pretty equivalent.

Ken was a gracious loser. He worked his fingers and then his hand and
finally a whole arm into the boy’s titanic dick.


?Ken put his arm in Shun’s dick.
Ken’s arm is in Shun’s dick.



With any luck, he could
get him off and not have to be split in half by the thing. As he saw
Shun tense up and felt the whole thing jerk around his arm, he began to
think he was in luck.

DUDE, YOUR ARM IS INSIDE A GIANT PENIS. If you consider any part of this “lucky” I’d hate to know what you consider bad luck.

He worked harder, pumping inside and outside of
Shun’s cock at the same time.


?Oh my god, Ken is masturbating the kid’s penis from the inside.

I guess that makes this…
/puts on sunglasses
…an inside handjob,

Soon, and to Ken’s delight, the mighty
cock began to jerk harder and the balls, which were by now the size of
medicine balls began to contract.

Giant waves of cum shot up the stalk and out of the hole. Ken moved
quickly to pull his arm out, but not fast enough to escape unscathed.
Fat jets of white jizz slammed into his face with the force of a fire
hydrant. Cum stung his eyes and soaked his hair and chest. He ducked out
of the way and watched the next 20-30 blasts coat the ceiling and wall
on the other side of the bath.

Somewhere, a dojo janitor is about to quit his job in disgust, although he doesn’t know it yet.

“Damn, kid.” Ken said, and then thought to himself. “Well, that ought to do him for a while.” But, Ken was mistaken.

“That was awesome!” Shun exclaimed. Ken looked at him through cum-drenched eyes. “I can’t wait to fuck you!”

“F–” Ken started to question until he saw Shun’s balls begin to inflate
again. This time even bigger than before. The boy had to straddle them
like a horse and could barely walk. Ken noticed that the cock has not
softened at all or shrunk even an inch. If anything, it looked even
bigger than before. It was the meanest looking thing he had ever seen.

Ken could swear the penis slit was scowling at him.

Shun leveled the beast at Ken again. “Ok, how do you want it? You can
climb up and sit on it, or I can push into you.” Ken just stared.

“It’s way easier if you put your hands on the wall and let him push into
you,” whispered Ryu from where he had been spying on the proceedings. A
rope of his own cum dangled from his nose. Ken nodded as if in a

The blond muscle stud, turned away from Shun and planted his feet in a
wide stance. He put his hands on the wall and leaned forward. He stuck
out his round, firm ass and waited to be invaded by the supercocked kid.

“I’d sure love to go home,” thought Ken, “but honor demands I get anally ripped in half by this kid’s penis.”

Shun dragged his overfilled balls across the room. He laid the cock on
Ken’s ass. It was almost as big as Ken’s whole butt. It felt like a
stool being pushed into him.

That is an incredibly unfortunate analogy.

He closed his eyes and sweated.Shun was not really a mean kid. He was just horny. He rubbed his shaft a
little to jerk a big wad of cum onto Ken’s ass. This would lube it up a
little at least.

Ken felt the thick rope of cum sink down his ass. The head of Shun’s
cock radiated heat like an oven. It felt hot on his ass. He felt the
cock lower a little to line up with his hole. He reached around to part
his ass as much as possible. The pressure increased. Shun began to force
his way into Ken’s hard, unspoiled ass. It was like a bulldozer
crushing its way through a forest.

Or, more precisely, a bulldozer trying to park inside a mailbox.

The head of the cock was against Ken’s hole. He could feel the pre-cum
splashing against him. Shun increased the pressure. Ken’s tree-like legs
flexed to push back against the unstoppable force. He was forced to put
his hands back on the wall. Shun pushed harder. Ken’s legs began to
buckle. His massive arms and chest tightened and flexed. Ripples of
muscle undulated across his body.

Shun’s bare feet slipped on the floor as he pushed with all the strength
he could muster. Finally, Ken’s ultra-tight ass began to open. Shun’s
feet found purchase and he pushed as hard as he could. The veins in his
cock stood out hard and he sweated with the effort. Ken felt his ass
opening and the indescribable pressure and splitting sensation of the
enormous, pulsing pillar of flesh being forced into him.

Shun soon found himself slipping on the floor again as the ring of the
head collided with Ken’s hole. The fattest part of Shun’s cock ground to
a halt at the resistance of Ken’s ring of muscle. Shun was simply not
strong enough to force so much of himself into so tight a space.
Panting, Ken turned to Shun. “Let me….lay….on…the floor….”

Shun backed out and Ken collapsed to the floor. The blond muscle god
rolled onto his back and opened his legs. Shun placed his cock at Ken’s
entrance once more. Ken took the dick in this hands and pulled as Shun
pushed. “Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!” yelled Ken as the wide
head finally broke past his hole. “Just give….me a… minute to….adjust.”

The operative word there being “broke.”

Shun nodded as Ken lowered his legs and concentrated on centering himself and accepting the titanic invader. “Ok….go on.”

Shun smirked and began moving forward again. Deeper and deeper went his
cock, opening Ken completely–parting his insides as it forced its way to
fill him utterly and totally. As Shun reached Ken’s legs, he hoisted
them onto his shoulders and continued forward. He loved the idea of
having those mighty legs helpless on his shoulders. They dwarfed his
small boy’s body, but his cock dwarfed everything else. He was the
master now. He was in charge.

I hate to bring this up, but even by the incredibly stupid laws of physics presented in this story, shouldn’t Shun’s dick be pushing all of Ken’s internal organs out of his mouth? I mean, Ken’s pretty much a sexual push-pop at the point, right?

Finally, mercifully, Ken felt Shun’s balls touch against his thighs. He
had taken the whole thing. He couldn’t believe it. But, he had barely
any time to think about it as Shun began his first stroke. As we have
said, the boy was not mean, but that doesn’t mean that he was an angel,
either. On his back stroke, he pulled all the way to the edge, painfully
stretching Ken’s opening with his giant cock head again. Then, with no
hesitation, he plunged in again.

The constant issue of pre-cum now filled Ken and began to seep and
squirt out on each stroke. It helped to slick things up, but nothing
could really make that monster fit. Every single one of Shun’s long,
slow strokes burned Ken’s insides as the head destroyed any resistance
in its path.

Like Ken’s intestines, kidneys, ribs, etc.

Ken lay on the floor for nearly two hours as he was reduced to rubble by
the slow-motion pile driving of a kid a quarter of his size. He heard
the squish of cum as it spurted out of his ass, and he felt it as the
pool on the floor grew and grew until even his hair was in it. What was
worse was that his own cock was as hard as steel. How much more of this
could be take?

Suddenly, he felt the cock expand in him. He cried out in pain as Shun’s
cock exploded deep inside him. Each blast of cum shot down the length
of the shaft expanding the girth as it sailed along and then slammed
into his guts. The pressure built up to an inconceivable level until the
searing hot seed was able to overcome the tight seal of his ass around
Shun’s cock. It was like the tapping of an oil well except the black oil
was replaced by thick white cum.


Ken’s eyes shot open in shock as the exposition in his ass. His shocked
cry was soon drown out as cum began to pour forth from even his mouth.
Soon, he was filled beyond capacity with the boy’s volcanic seed.

Enh, Ken should just be grateful he still has his eyes.

“Oh, man, that was sweet!” Shun was delighted. “But, my legs are worn out.”

“Not as much as your anus, obviously.”

Ken was still in shock. He still had 5 feet of barrel-thick cock in him. He spit out a huge mouthful of cum.

Shun began to withdraw. An ocean of cum issued forth as his cockhead
forced it out ahead. Finally, the head broke free and Ken winced as his
ass slammed shut once more.

Bullshit. Ken’s asshole is never closing again.

Shun laid down on the floor, his cock towering up obscenely and running like a fountain. “You can ride it the rest of the way.”

Ken was barely coherent. How could this kid STILL be going? Am I going to die? Ryu didn’t die…

In full disclosure, I actually laughed when Ken wondered if he was going to die.

Slowly, Ken struggled to his knees and then to his feet. Cum splattered
out of his ass into the puddle on the floor. He slowly made his way to
Shun’s cock. Taking the head in his hands, he walked it forward until it
was low enough that he could guide it to his ass. Then, he began to
back into it, putting his entire weight into it to force it inside once
more. Slowly, he walked it up and inside him until he was above it.
Then, he lowered himself to take it all the way inside once more.

Ken’s still willingly getting fucked?
Hmm. I think Ken’s come down with a case…
/puts on sunglasses
…of Cockholm Syndrome.

Shun moaned as Ken’s powerful legs began to lift him up and down on the
giant stalk. He watched as Ken’s ass stretched to ridiculous widths to
accommodate him. He saw the outline of the head as it made it ways in
and out of Ken’s gut. All of Ken’s years of endurance training came into
focus as he labored to stay upright and continue raping himself with
the giant dong.

maximus contempt disgust 3.jpg


But, this had gone on for 4 hours, and Ken could no longer keep going.
Soon, his legs gave out and he sank painfully onto the cock, which held
him in the air. “I can’t…move any more…”

“I’ll help.” Ken looked up to see Ryu. “You lasted longer than I thought
you would. I’ll help you to finish.” With that, Ryu put his hands
around Ken’s waist. The soft skin was slick with sweat. He began to
raise and lower Ken on Shun’s cock.

And what are friends for if not to jiggle you on a five-foot long penis?

Shun moaned again. “Mmmmm. Man, you are still so tight, Ken.”

“I mean, relatively-speaking. If anyone else tries to fuck you in the ass after today they might as well stick their dick a basketball hoop.”

Ryu whispered in Ken’s ear as he pumped his big arms. “You’ve got five
feet of cock in you. You won’t mind a little more, right?”

On the next down thrust, Ryu placed his cock next to Shun’s. It was big
for a man, but small compared to Shun’s monster. He was sure Ken would
barely notice.

Or maybe Ken would keep a grudge against Ryu that fuel the entirety of the Street Fighter series. Who knows?

Ken grunted as another cock slipped into him. “Damnit…..jerk….” Ryu just
continued pumping his arms. It was the best workout he ever had. And,
maybe it was the tiny bit of extra tightness or just the feeling of
another cock on his, but the effect on Shun was nearly instant.

“Oh, man…I’m gonna cum again…I…want….you to….swallow it….”

Ryu lifted Ken off the cock and held him upright. Shun’s cock angled to
point directly as Ken’s face. Then, in a scene Ken would always remember
as being like standing on a train track and watching a train come out
of a tunnel and straight at you, Shun’s 3rd and biggest load poured

“Say I have a milkshake and you have a milkshake. Now, I drink my milshake, but I get a straw…. and then I fuck your milkshake. I stick my penis in your milkshake and just fuck the hell the out of it. You see what I’m saying, son?”
“Yes, you’re saying you want me to put you in a mental insitutation and never talk to you again. Got it.”

Ken and Ryu holding him were knocked backward into the wall. Cum
pressure-washed them for what seemed like ages. It was everywhere and
shot out so hard it stung. When Shun finally stopped shooting, his cock
was back to a normal size (well normal for a horse) and both the older
fighters were awash in a sea of jizz.

Ryu wiped cum out of his eyes to check on Ken. He was passed out. “Damn,
Shun. Why did you tell him I had taken you? All I did was suck you
Shun just smiled.
~The End~

Ha ha! It’s funny because Shun tricked Ken into letting Shun fuck him to death! What a card! As with many FFFs, I’m left with so many questions (and a burning desire for a lobotomy). Why the interest in a five-foot-long penis? What’s wrong with the more reasonable but still totally absurd 18 inches? Why two sex scenes? What wasn’t accomplished, narratively speaking, in the first one? Why, of all the Street Fighter characters to write about, would you pick one that only appears in the anime? And really, why does this have to be about a kid at all? Would it really have ruined it for this story to be about Ryu, Ken and Dan or something? And last but certainly not least, how much scotch will I have to drink tonight until I forget this story exists? I don’t know the answers to any of these questions, but I hope to answer to the last one as quickly as possible.