Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Saki Otsuka Love Juice Lotion


?I don’t know how to say this, so I’m juist going to come out and say it:n Japan is reverse engineering its porn stars vaginal fluids and selling them, in bottles, for lonely perverts to use with their onaholes and tengas and other masturbatory aids. I’m not showing a picture of the lotion because it’s just a bottle with a naked lady on it, although you can see it here (NSFW, obviously) so instead I ran a pic of the Japanese porn star in question Saki Otsuka. While I’m not exactly a fan of the idea of an entire bottle of full of faux vaginal lubricant — I prefer to get mine straight from the tap — I’m less grossed out than I am kind of impressed. Again, Japan is so far ahead of us in terms of perversion that I’m just stunned.