Sylvester Stallone Designed the World’s Goofiest Pen

Why the hell is Topless Robot covering a pen designed by Sylvester Stallone, you ask? It’s a fair question, but I have an answer. When asked to design a pen by the super-expensive pen company Montegrappa, Stallone released his inner goofy 12-year-old nerd, and designed this:


Chaos! A pen with skulls and dragons and shit on it! A pen right out the shit I scribbled on my  Trapper Keeper in sixth grade! If only I’d had “Chaos” to draw on my Trapper Keeper, then the ouroboros of awesomeness would be complete! Alas, the pen is $5,000 fucking dollars, so I probably couldn’t have afforded it anyways. I can only hope that Montegrappa asks Arnold Schwarzenegger to design its next pen, and makes his look like a wizard holding a crystal.  (Via FilmDrunk)