Fan Fiction Friday: “Harry Potter and the Room of Romance”


?I know many of you were disappointed I didn’t run an FFF last week; I’ve tried to make it up to this week by running this rather lengthy story by author GinnysFootSlave. Let me assure you this name was not chosen arbitrarily, and let’s get right to it:

“Come on Harry” Ginny said, pulling him along, “I’ve got something to
show you.” She smiled slightly when she saw the look of slight
puzzlement on his face. She rounded the corner with him in tow and
quickly looked left and right before closing her eyes and mouthing a few
words. A door shimmered into existence.

“What..” began Harry but Ginny shushed him with a finger over his lips
before yanking open the door and pulling him inside. The door closed
behind them and shimmered out of existence again showing nothing but a
blank wall where it had been. Harry was looking around curiously. “What
is this place?” he asked.

“It’s called the Room of Romance”, repled Ginny, “it’s like the Room
of Requirement but only I know how to find it!”

“It’s like the Room of Requirement, but for fucking!”

She grinned at Harry.
“It’s specially designed for people who need a little privacy, once you
are inside and you’ve closed the door no-one else can enter until you
leave, even if they know the command words too so we don’t need to worry
about being disturbed”

Harry smiled back. “That sounds…very useful Ginny” he said quietly, looking her up and down.

Why does a school have a room specifically for people to have sex? Filthy old Hogwarts. No wonder it fucked that squid so willingly.

“I thought you’d see the attraction”, she replied brightly, drawing him
closer to her and raising her lips to his. They kissed softly at first
then with increasing urgency. As they did the room changed in decor from
the rather featureless room it had been before. Harry drew back from
the kiss and looked around in surprise. “And it adapts to your exact
requirements too.” she said, forstalling his question.

Two anthropomorphic fox suits with zippers at the crotches appeared at the corner.

“Now it’s time
for you to get want you’ve wanted for ages…so close your eyes.” Harry
closed his eyes and heard a the sounds of a muttered spell and his
clothes began removing themselves from his body. His tie unknotted, his
shirt unbuttoned itself. His shoes untied themselves and he stepped out
of them, then his belt and trousers came undone and dropped to his
ankles as his shirt and tie slid off his body. Harry stepped out of his
fallen trousers and as he raised each foot his sock was whisked off by
an unseen force. Finally his underwear unceremoniously slid down letting
his throbbing penis spring free.

Expectio phallus!

“Such a nice cock…”, Ginny whispered, “…now it’s mine…open your
eyes.” Harry opened them to see Ginny as naked as he was in front of
him. Her willowy teenage body was an arresting sight as she smiled at
him, her flaming red tresses framing her pretty face and her brown eyes
shining. Harry’s gaze travelled slowly down her form, her pert little
breasts with cute little nipples, her flat stomach, her bare mount of
venus, her creamy thighs until his gaze finally lowered to her feet.


Harry caught his breath at the sight of her slender milky white feet
with their tiny little toes and delicate ankles.

Well, I see where this is going.

Ginny smiled to
herself, knowing that all of her subtle machinations had borne fruit.
The accidental brushing of her feet against his legs at meals…the
casual removal of shoes and socks in the Gryffindor common room as Harry
surreptiously glanced at her bare feet, trying not to look as though he
was deliberately trying to see…”accidentally” forgetting a pair of
all day worn socks where she knew had observed her leaving them…the
delight as she spotted him furtively pocketing them…

…putting on high heels and kicking him repeatedly in the junk…

…sneaking into
Harry’s dorm and seeing him inhaling the scent of her sweaty socks as
they lay over his face, nose and mouth as he jerked off before huge jets
of spunk splattered all over his stomach and chest as he gasped muffled
tributes to her socks and feet.

I would debate how “subtle” that last “subtle machination” really is.

“I know you want me Harry,” Ginny breathed, “and I know you want my
feet. Tonight, you get to have everything you’ve ever wanted….so
kneel.” Harry wasted no time and dropped to his knees in front of her,
his heart pounding within his chest at the sight of Ginny, no longer
just his girlfriend but now his goddess nude in front of him. “Now bow
at my feet like a good little footslave…”

So what’s a bad little footslave? Someone who doesn’t give a shit about feet? So, like, a regular person?

Harry whimpered and bent his
head to her feet, marvelling at their divine perfection. “Now kiss my
feet Harry, kiss my beautiful feet!” Ginny cried and Harry feverishly
rained fervent kisses onto the tops of her feet and toes. Ginny sighed
in satisfaction as the chosen one grovelled at her feet, his soft lips
paying homage to them. She lifted one foot and placed it in benediction
on the back of his head as he bent to his appointed task.

Harry Potter and the Little Piggies

“Lie on your back,” Ginny said softly, “it’s time for you to surrender
to me completely.” Harry scrambled onto his back as Ginny sat down on a
sofa that had appeared behind her and curled her legs beneath her. The
sofa slowly hovered towards Harry’s supine form until he was right in
front of her. With exquisite grace Ginny uncurled her legs and dangled
her soles over his anxious face. Harry’s mouth watered as he gazed up at
her delectable soles, the high arches and perfectly formed toes setting
off the delightful slimness of her perfect feet.

Far be it from me to look askance on anyone’s sexual predilections, but I personally consider feet to fall into one of two categories: “really fucking gross” or “feet.”

“It’s time Harry,”
Ginny whispered and began to bring them slowly down towards him. “Lick
them Harry,” said Ginny softly, “lick my feet, you know you want to.”
Ginny saw the look of captivation on Harry’s face as she slowly lowered
them softly onto his face and heard his muffled sob as he surrendered
completely to her soft teenage soles.

Looks like the game…
/puts on sunglasses
…is afoot.

She looked on smiling as he
reverentially paid homage to her, submissively licking the soles of her
feet. Ginny felt a surge of tenderness as she saw Harry’s enraptured
expression as he gently licked each of her feet from heel to toe. He
slowly ran his tongue over every inch of her sensitive soles, making her
sigh in pleasure. He then adoringly sucked on each of her pretty little
toes, his tongue swirling around and around each tiny digit as she
moaned in pleasure at his erotic ministrations.

I guess Harry and Ginny enjoy playing Doctor…
/puts on sunglasses

Ginny sat back and
revelled in his submission to her feet, adoring the feel of his lips and
tongue worshipping them ardently. For around ten minutes she let him
continue before gently withdrawing them and standing up. The sofa
vanished back into the darkness as she stood astride him.

10 minutes? He licked her feet for 10 fucking minutes? Jesus, I’ve been to entire wedding ceremonies that took less than 10 minutes.

Ginny looked at down at Harry’s naked body between her feet. She could
see him staring directly between her thighs but she knew it was not yet
time for him to experience the privilige of worshipping her there.

Mostly because his mouth smelled like feet.

Instead she lifted her right foot from the floor before placing it
directly over his face. She bore down hard, revelling in Harry’s
aquiesence to her desires as she flattened his face under her foot.

It’s like someone cast Expectio Quentintarantino!

let up the pressure and slid her foot down his face until her toes were
between his lips. Flexing her ankle, she pointed her foot down
vertically and was gratified to see Harry immediately understood her
requirement. His mouth opened wide and she exulted as she slowly slid
her slim foot into his mouth as far as she could. She was sure he would
gag but looked down in wonder as she felt her toes touch the back of his

I guess you could say Ginny…
/puts on sunglasses
…put her best foot forward.

“Good boy Harry”, she murmured, “suck on my foot, you love it
don’t you?” Harry nodded, unable to reply, his mouth stretched around
her perfect teenage foot. Ginny shifted position slightly and started to
slide her foot in and out of his mouth, each thrust reaching the back
of his throat. She was breathing heavily as she thrust her foot in and
out of his willing mouth.


There was something so erotic about taking his
mouth with her foot she thought as he lay there and took whatever she
could dish out. She switched feet and repeated the action with her other
foot, working it in and out of him. When he’d sucked both feet for a
while, Ginny decided to change tactics again.

If she sticks her foot up Harry’s ass I’m leaving.

While he could take a lot
of the length of each foot it was only around half the length that could
fit in his mouth. Ginny’s didn’t want Harry to only experience half her
foot so she withdrew her foot and switched angles so she could grind
the heel of her foot into his mouth. His mouth was stretched wide around
her heel as she rotated it slowly so he could suck every inch of it.

I feel weird saying this, but I’m starting to miss when FFFs used to involved penises and vaginas.

Only after she was satisfied with his ministrations did Ginny decide to
make the next move in her plan to utterly subjugate him. Stepping off to
the side she muttered another quick spell and her body slowly levitated
into the air, before she drifted over so she was a suspended a few feet
above him

Ginny floated in the air above Harry, deciding where she should land.
She descended slowly and her bare soles made contact with his flat
stomach. With a swift flick of her wand she ended the floating charm and
her entire weight was suddenly pressing down again. Her feet sank into
his stomach and she saw Harry gasp in surprise as her full weight was
suddenly pressing down on him. He groaned as her feet pressed into his

NOW WAIT A JUST A MINUTE. Really? Really? Do foot fetishists really enjoy having feet slammed into their guts? I mean, I’m personally not a foot guy but I can comprehend being sexually attracted to feet, I guess. And I understand masochism. And I can even understand the possibility maybe, maybe a foot fetishist or a masochist enjoying getting kicked in the junk, because that’s a foot-junk connection. But this… this is just jumping on someone’s stomach. That’s not sexy. That’s a fucking pro wrestling move.

Ginny swiftly conjured a magical rope above her head so she
could control her balance and how much pressure she put on him with her
bare feet. Ginny sidestepped and placed one foot on each of his firmly
muscled thighs, liking the smooth hardness under her feet. Then she
moved and placed one foot over his balls and upper thighs – her weight
was mostly on his thighs but enough was on his balls to make him cry out
in shock at the sensation. The other was on his upper crotch, her foot
sliding under his leaping penis and pressing down hard on his upper
groin. His penis involuntarily bounced up and down gently, touching the
top of her foot and leaving little drops of precum on it.

I also want to point out that the ridiculous amount of thought that went into the “Ginny stands on Harry” scene makes me want to start drinking right this instant.

Ginny moved again. This time she went up and Harry groaned as her full
weight settled on his bare chest. Ginny cast a balancing charm and
dismissed the rope. With the charm in place she knew it was time for
Harry to experience the full impact of being trampled underfoot by her
bare feet.

I believe foot fetishists call this technique the “Fee Fi Fo Fum.”

She methodically walked up and down his body as he made
involuntarily noises under her full body weight. The charm meant there
was no danger of slipping and hurting either of them and Ginny took full
advantage, stamping down on his stomach, chest, arms and legs. When she
moved to his groin he whimpered as his most delicate areas were wide
open for abuse but Ginny was careful to make sure that even when his
penis was trapped under her foot or her foot was on his balls he was
groaning in mixed pain and pleasure but not actually hurt or in danger.

I’ve heard of a cock of the walk…
/puts on sunglasses
…but I’ve never heard of a walk of the cock.


Finally she reached her ultimate goals. Harry gasped as her foot pressed
down on his throat, half choking him. Then Ginny simply stepped onto
his face and her full weight pressed down. Ginny looked down, Harry’s
face was covered by her feet and only his nose was showing between them
as he breathed harshly. Ginny felt a sense of wonderment that he could
withstand this relentless pressure, her full weight crushing his face
underfoot. When she decided he’d had enough she stepped back onto his
chest and let him recover, smiling down as he breathed heavily.

Seriously, are you guys going to fuck anytime soon? Even just a footjob or something? I’ve got shit to do.

Ginny then decided it was time to see just how deep his submission to
her went. She recast the floating charm and hovered above him, one foot
directly over his face, the other foot gymnast style on top of it. She
gently settled down and gradually powered down the floating charm. The
pressure gradually increased until after one minute, every ounce of her
weight was pressing down through the sole of one foot that his face was
being crushed under. She looked down and was awestruck by his endurance
of her facestanding. Her heel was on his chin, she could feel his lips
and nose flattened under her sole and her toes were on the bridge on his
nose. Ginny remained there until she was sure that Harry was thoroughly
flattened, totally in thrall to her crushing sole before she relented
and and floated back up. Harry gasped for breath as he recovered from
the brutal single footed facecrush and inwardly groaned as he wondered
what Ginny had in store for him next. It wasn’t long before he found

So what does Harry do when he wants to masturbate? Put a stack of phone books on his head? Maybe draw a picture of a foot on ’em first?

Ginny stood directly over him and raised her foot high in the air over
Harry’s face. Harry gazed up at her waiting sole, knowing there was
nothing he wouldn’t willingly submit to now. Without warning, in one
swift motion she brought her foot down hard, smacking it into his face
with an audible slapping sound.



Harry let out a muffled cry under her
foot at the surprising act but had no time to recover before her foot
was quickly raised and again her sole stamped down firmly. Now knowing
Harry would submissively accept the stamping, Ginny went to work. Her
beautiful bare foot rose and fell in a steady rhythym, her soft sole
smacking down again and again onto Harry’s face, the slapping sound of
her foot making contact with his face filling his ears.

…and the force of her foot filling his ears with blood.

methodically stomped his entire face under her foot, being careful to
not stamp on his eyes but otherwise showing him no mercy, stamping
relentlessly on his nose, cheeks, chin, forehead and mouth. Periodically
she switched feet so both feet had their chance to stamp down hard onto
his submissive face. Ginny stomping, stamping and smacking feet
rightfully marked Ginny’s territory as his face reddened under the
relentless pounding.

So, when Harry plays Super Mario Bros. and sees Mario jump on a Goomba, is that like porn for him? I am very unclear on the ramifications of being sexually fulfilled by getting your face stepped on.

There was a brief respite as a wide legged chair
swirled into existence so Ginny could sit over him, the chair’s legs
between his body and arms. Rearing her silky smooth legs up Ginny
brought both her soles smacking down simultaneously in triumph onto his
already smarting face. Ginny felt a wave of satisfaction sweep through
her as she raised her feet and brought them down hard on his face in a
relentless and ruthless cadence. Her tempo increased as she double
stamped him into utter submission. Finally she stopped, but Harry knew
that it wasn’t over, it was only beginning. The chair vanished into the
ether as Ginny again stood astride him.

I’m sure some of you are disappointed that this is just some Harry Potter foot fetish fic, but please understand: We’re not even at the half-way point. If you’re not disturbed by the fact that this author said to himself, “Boy, I’d really like to write about Harry Potter ‘experiencing’ Ginny Weasley’s feet, but there’s no way I can do justice to this topic in less than 5000 words!” then you’re a stronger — or stranger — person than I. 

Matter of factly, Ginny placed one foot right in the middle of Harry’s
face and began to grind his face under her foot. Ruthlessly bearing
down she crushed him remorselessly under her sole, her foot twisting,
sliding and roaming over his face. The variation allowed her to place
her full weight and pressure through any part of her foot she desired
onto any part of his face that she wanted. Harry whimpered under her
dominant foot as her toes, arch, ball and heel were all used to
throughly crush his face as she saw fit.

Okay, another thing I don’t understand: If you’re into feet and also into pain, what about kicking? Isn’t that the simpliest way to combine the two things? Why go to all the effort of stomping when kicking is so much easier? Or is kicking too “common” for masochistic foot fetishists? Or is Harry just a picky masochistic foot fetishist? So confusing.

Ginny alternated feet for a
while then through aside all pretence of holding back. Again the chair
snapped into place and Ginny placed both her soles on his face
simultaneously and brutally crushed him into total and utter submission,
loving the sight and feel of her feet totally possessing his face as
she ground his face underfoot like a doormat. Ginny knew it was time for
him to worship her most intimate areas.

That was waaaaaay to much work to get access to a vagina. Just sayin’.

In one swift movement Ginny removed her crushing soles, stood and sat
down hard on Harry’s still gasping face. Her sopping wet cunt possessed
his mouth as Harry frantically licked, kissed and nuzzled, trying his
utmost to pleasure his gorgeous goddess girlfriend.

It’d be nice if Ginny stuck a bag of frozen peas up her vagina, because then she could help with Harry’s facial swelling. 

Ginny groaned in
pleasure and rode his face hard, grinding his face under her cunt,
selfishly taking her pleasure, saturating his face with her wet love
juice. Harry’s lips and tongue licked and kissed her engorged clit and
wet and willing cunt and Ginny could feel the exquisite sensations
mounting as she pounded him under her pulsating pussy. Harry was
overwhelmed by the taste, smell and feel of her teenage cunt, submitting
completely to her ferocious facesitting.

What’s with all the sudden alliteration? Is the narrator from the ’66 Batman TV series writing this? “Will the pretty pupil perpetually pound Potter’s profile with her pussy? Stay tuned!”

Finally the assault of Harry’s
striving mouth and tongue were too much for Ginny and with a cry of
pure joy the orgasm ripped through her teenage body. Harry spluttered in
surprise as Ginny’s juices exploded over his face, her hot wet love
juices spurting again and again over his gasping features as her
shattering climax ran it’s course.

At some point, in one of these FFFs, someone is actually going to drown in vaginal secretions during a female orgasm. I fear that day.

Finally she was momentarily spent,
little aftershocks of pleasure rippling through her soaking wet hole,
still firmly on his mouth. Harry was still gently licking and kissing
her cunt and Ginny knew that she could come again very soon.

Meanwhile, Voldemort’s taken the heads of all the other Weasley children and is trying to get them to stack on top of each other.

Ginny’s wand was suddenly in her hand and she aimed it at his mouth.
“Engorgio!” she cried and to Harry’s shock his tongue began to lengthen.

Oh, lord.

Ginny groaned in satisfaction as his tongue slid into her waiting cunt.
Harry was a little frightened but knew he had to trust her and as his
tongue speared deep into her wet hole he was doubly rewarded as her face
suffused with pleasure and the taste of her juicy hole filled his
senses. His tongue seemed stronger and more flexible and he took full
advantage, exploring every inch of the inside of her pussy, relentlessly
licking and probing. As it continued to grow, it naturally twisted back
round on itself as Ginny grimaced and moaned as the double layered
tongue thrashed inside her. Finally the tip re-emerged and licked at her
throbbing clit.

toht face melting.jpg

?Well, that’s… that’s… just odd.

Ginny looked down tenderly at Harry’s face between the juncture of her
thighs. Her hairless mound was firmly over his mouth and his magically
elongated tongue was wriggling and jiggling the full length of sopping
wet love tunnel and arching back on itself to lick her throbbing
clitoris up and down.

Yeah, I bet there’s nothing like looking down and seeing a dude with a crushed face and 12-inch tongue in-between your legs. Ladies, I’m sure your panties are wet with the four full liters of vaginal secretions — which of course you store in your wombs — which you immediately ejaculated at the mental image.

“You’re going to make me come again Harry,” she
breathed, “this time I’m going to come in your mouth. Do you want me
to?” Their eyes locked and Ginny knew he wanted her to come again. The
tip of his tongue was flickering rapidly back and forth over her
clitoris as the rest of the length lashed inside her like a snake and
Ginny knew she was close. “I’m going to come in your mouth Harry,” she
panted, “make me come!” She could feel the almost unbearable pleasure
building and her face was locked in a grimace of pleasure as she looked
down. His tongue didn’t stop it’s magical work and after what felt like
an eternity but was only a few seconds Ginny went over the edge for the
second time. “Harry, Harry, Harry!” she cried and gasped in rapture as
her orgasm hit her, crashing like a tidal wave through her body. Ginny
writhed in a paroxysm of ecstasy on Harry’s face, giving herself up
completely to the relentless cascade of incredible orgasmic sensations.
Her divine juices squirted into his willing mouth as Harry eagerly
swallowed the hot wet liquid spurting from her spasming hole.

Ladies — if you can fill up a reasonably sized water balloon with the vaginal secretions you emit during sex, please see a doctor. That shit ain’t right.

As her
second orgasm died away Ginny dismissed the tongue enhancement spell and
raised herself off Harry’s face to give him a brief respite. Harry
slowly got his breathing under control as Ginny stood over him, grinning
impishly at his temporary exhaustion. As Harry’s breathing returned to
normal Ginny knew what she wanted from him next.

I bet you all $5 it’s still not his penis.

Ginny gracefully turned around so her gorgeous bottom was facing
Harry’s face and with deliberate and wicked slowness lowered herself
down. Harry was mesmerised as her incredible arse descended towards him,
his eyes drawn to her smallest hole as it descended towards his mouth.

You all owe me $5.

Harry felt so submissive as her anus made contact with his lips and knew
his place was now forever under her, serving her in any way she
desired. He gently kissed her most intimate hole, worshipping her as she
knew she wanted.

Admittedly I’m not the most religious person, but “rimjobs” rarely got mentioned when we discussed worship back in my Sunday school.

Ginny groaned in pleasure as she felt the tip of
Harry’s tongue slowly circling around the rim of her rosebud. “That’s it
Harry!”, she exclaimed, “don’t stop now!” She was gratified when Harry
proved he had no intention of stopping and began to gently lick her most
intimate area. Ginny’s face contorted with pleasure as she felt his
tongue gently probing her most forbidden place. She settled back further
on his face to give him better access and gasped loudly as she was
rewarded with the exquisite sensation of his tongue sliding firmly into
her back passage.

Is Harry’s tongue still 12-inches long? How long could Ginny’s anal canal possibly — oh, right. In fan fiction, the anus leads to the womb which leads back out the vagina. Harry’s tongue out to be shooting out the front any second now.

While Ginny was perfectly clean the taste of her ass
was very different to her cunt.

For instance, it was considerably poopier.

Harry could taste the sharper more
bitter taste of her anus on his tongue as he probed her bottom with his
tongue. Ginny was groaning and crying out as he tongue-fucked her ass,
revelling in the sensation of Harry’s tongue up her backside. She aimed
her wand at the juncture of their bodies and cast the tongue enhancement
spell again, screaming out as his tongue penetrated deep inside her
bottom and flailed around inside her.

Holy shit, is there a Horcrux in there? Why are we still reading about this? END THIS SCENE DAMN YOU

Her ass was tight around his
thrashing tongue and the sheer lewdness of his elongated tongue deep
inside her bottom triggered another shuddering orgasm. Harry felt her
ass contract in spasms around his tongue as Ginny came for the third
time under his ministrations. Finally it was over and Ginny slumped on
his face, cancelling the tongue enhancement spell but remaining in
place, wanting Harry to know his rightful place was under her divine ass
with his tongue up it where it belonged. Eventaully she roused herself
and removed herself, Harry gasping in relief as he lay there recovering
again, the taste of her ass in his mouth.

Meanwhile Voldemort’s in the Hohwarts hall, making a fort out of pillows and dead Gryffindors.

“You’ve done very well my love,” said Ginny, “you’ve earned your first

“Uh, yeah, Ginny. I didn’t think we were gonna get around to that, so I jerked off like 40 minutes ago.”

The sofa noiselessly returned and Ginny sank down onto it’s
black leather cushioning and rested her feet on his chest. By now
Harry’s cock was burning and he was in desparate need of some relief.
Ginny trailed her feet down his body, gently scratching him with her
toenails before Harry groaned in need as one foot brushed his iron hard
cock. Harry whimpered as her other foot gently caressed his churning
balls before choking back a sob as her soles closed gently around his
aching penis. With torturous slowness she moved them up and down his
shaft, teasing him almost beyond endurance with her gently gripping
soles. Ginny looked down in satisfaction as Harry writhed in mixed
pleasure and frustration at her teasing footjob.

If you’re as relieved as Harry that the footjob’s finally here, congratulations! FFF has ruined you.

Ginny toyed with him
for a little while then sensing he was almost beside himself, grasped
his throbbing cock firmly between her soft little soles and began
wanking him off with her cute little feet in earnest. Harry was in
heaven, his goddess’s feet taking posession of his straining penis as
Ginny systematically worked his cock. With a grace and suppleness almost
beyond belief her feet pleasured him, Ginny using her soles, toes,
heels, arches, ankles and tops of her feet to bring him closer and
closer to the brink. Finally Ginny knew it was time

Time… for potions class. “Bye, Harry!”

Harry’s cock was throbbing between Ginny’s soles as she moved them up
and down in a steady rhythym. “It’s okay Harry,” she said, “come for me.
Come for me my love, let go.” Harry’s eyes were half closed and his
breath was coming in rapid pants as she picked up the pace. “That’s it
Harry, come on my feet, I want you to come all over my feet now.” She
smiled as Harry’s body arched upwards and he gave a short cry of ecstasy
as his pleasure peaked. His penis erupted, sending showers of warm
semen all over her feet as he cried out in release. Spurting high into
the air, his sperm covered her feet and his body as he shot streams of
hot wet spunk high into the air. Finally the last few drops oozed from
his cock as Ginny slowed to a stop, her feet still firmly around his
throbbing member. Ginny could feel his hot wet slippery sperm covering
her feet and knew what she wanted from him now.

Oh, fucktractors.

Harry was lying back,
his eyes closed, his breath slowly slowing as he recovered from the
explosive orgasm her gorgeous feet had given him. He felt her feet
unclasp from around his cock and opened his eyes. Ginny slowly twisted
on the sofa and Harry’s eyes widened as she presented her feet, dripping
with his own cum towards his face. Harry knew without being told what
she wanted and extended his tongue to catch a drop of semen as it fell
from one of her big toes. Ginny smiled in satisfaction as she brought
her feet to his mouth.

toht face melting.jpg


“That’s it Harry”, Ginny said tenderly, “you know what to do”. Ginny
moaned softly as he sucked gently on her toes and slid his tongue in
between them to collect his semen. His tongue laved every inch of her
foot and she felt so loved and adored as he willingly licked every drop
off and swallowed it down. When her foot was completely clean she
withdrew it and presented him with her other foot, still covered in his
creamy tribute. Again Harry adoringly sucked all traces of his copious
discharge from her beautiful foot.

Oh, did he? Did he lick his cum off Ginny’s other foot too? Thank you so mucy for telling us, because we never would have fucked guessed! YEAH WE FUCKING GOT IT. EEEEENNNNNNNNNDDDDDD

Both her feet were clean again but
Harry’s body was still dotted with the sperm that had missed her feet.
Deftly, Ginny gathered some of the remaining slippery liquid with her
dextrous foot and softly wiped it over his face, spreading his own
emission over his forehead. Emboldened by his willing submission to this
act, she used each foot in turn to gather more of the remaining semen
and forcefully smeared it into his face, smiling down at his pleading
eyes. She alternated feet, gathering up the warm liquid and wiping it
off on his face. Finally there was no more left and she wiped the last
remaining traces off on his hair, feeling it’s softness against her


Ginny knew it was time for Harry’s ultimate surrender to her. “It
looks like your face needs washing Harry” she said, observing the still
wet sperm that covered every inch of his face. “I’ve got just the right
thing to wash it all off – right here”, pointing to her lower belly.

Wait, what?

Harry’s eyes went wide in supplication as she stood astride him once
more. Ginny felt a potent mixture of emotions in her heart as she tried
to relax and let her torrent loose.


Love and tenderness for the
beautiful man beneath her, pride in her ability to effortlessly command
his abject submission, exultation in knowing that he loved her too and
and was willingly giving himself completely to her dominance. “Are you
ready my love?”, she asked as the almost painful pleasure of overcoming
her bodies natural inhibitions against became almost unbearable, “Are
you ready to receive your reward?” She saw Harry’s affirming nod and
gave a heartfelt groan as she first few drops forced their way out of
her body.

Out of her lower stomach, apparently. Well done, GinnysFootSlave. You’ve figured someplace even more stupidly incorrect for girls to pee out of than their vaginas.

She saw them sprinkle down on him and his involuntary gasp of
pleasure, then smelt the sharp scent of her golden liquid filling the
air as the drops became a trickle that became a steady stream. Ginny
moaned in pleasure as she let go of all inhibitions and let it flood out
of her, sensing this was the ultimate honour for him and letting her
golden shower rain down on his body.

Either Harry has a urine-based honor system or Ginny has no fucking clue what “honour” means.

She trembled with emotion as she
lowered herself down and aimed higher, watching her warm golden rain
washing over his ecstatic face as she anointed him with her nectar.

God, I just hate you.

the flow slowly lessened and almost stopped Ginny aimed her wand at her
lower belly and whispered “Replensio”.


Instantly the feeling of
overwhelming pressure inside her returned and Ginny moaned softly as her
rapidly dwindling stream returned in full force.


“Drink of me Harry,”
she gasped, “taste my golden wine!” and sank down onto his face,
enveloping him between her thighs. Her gushing golden stream poured into
his devoted mouth and tears ran down Ginny’s face at the intensity of
her feelings as Harry willingly drank every single drop she gave to him.

toht face melting.jpg


“I love you Harry!” she sobbed as her flow finally ceased. She raised
herself up slightly, tears falling from her eyes. “I love you too
Ginny,” she heard Harry murmur and saw tears in his eyes also, “I love
you more than anything else in the world!”

Words failed Ginny but she pointed her wand at her own belly again.
Harry wordlessly nodded and Ginny felt love almost beyond endurance for
the incredible man beneath her. “Replensio”she whispered again as she
sank back down on his face, giving herself up to the beauty of the
moment, filling his mouth over and over again with her divine golden
waters, feeling Harry drink as though he had been dying of thirst

toht face melting.jpg


toht face melting.jpg


toht face melting.jpg


As though she was in a trance as the flow lessened she raised
herself off his gasping face and used the magic again, letting it gush
from her in a golden cascade all over his face and hair. Ginny wept,
almost beside herself with how much love she was feeling for Harry and
as her flow once again became a gentle trickle she triggered the magic
for the last time and gently placed herself back over his mouth. Once
again her golden essence flowed like a river and Ginny cried with
emotion as Harry drank her completely dry, not allowing a drop to

A man suddenly appeared. “Excuse me, you two, but I’m the personification of the Room of Romance. I regret to inform you that what you’re doing isn’t strictly “romance,” but more “just fucking gross. Here’s a mop and a bunch of paper towels. Please clean up, and then never come back here again.”

Finally she was spent and they stayed like that for some time, both
not wanting the moment to end.

The moment where Harry Potter is covered in urine, semen, and vaginal lubrications, has a 12-inch tongue danging out of his mouth, and his nose is broken, a few teeth have probably been knocked out, two black eyes and bruises all over his face. Yeah, what a fucking magical moment this must be. EEEEEEENNNNNNNNDDDDDD

No words were spoken as they looked into
each others eyes. Harry, on his back, Ginny straddling his face and his
face under her bare mount of venus, both glistening with the sheen of
her divine golden rain. Finally she raised herself off him and slid down
his body until her mouth was over his. They kissed and Ginny could
taste herself on his lips. Then with a wave of her wand she washed them
both clean and they gently levitated to the other end of the Room of
Romance and the luxurious four poster bed that had appeared there. As
the room dealt silently with the aftermath of their lovemaking they
landed gently on the bed still kissing tenderly, their naked bodies
wrapped around one another. As the silk coverlet draped over them both
no words were spoken or needed to be spoken and they slipped into sleep
in each other’s arms, their lips only inches apart, each breathing the
breath of the other.

The urine-soaked, semen-tinged breath of each other. EEEEEEENNNNNNNNDDDDDD

When they awoke they made love simply, using their fingers, hands,
lips and tongues to pleasure each other until they simultaneously knew
it was time to join their still virgin bodies together in the oldest
way. Ginny lay under Harry, his penis slid slowly but surely inside her
with no pain and they moved together as one until their simultaneous
climactic convulsions rendered them still again…


Well. Happy final FFF of 2011, everybody. You’ll excuse me, as I need to get a stiff drink and saw my own feet off, so I never have to think about this story again.