This Crocheted Boba Fett Headgear Is Worth a Lot to Me

You can call Boba Fett overexposed and sullied by the Star Wars prequels all you like, but he’s still a great example of a character made intriguing by a less-is-more approach and solid design. In fact, so enduring is Boba’s T-shaped visor helmet that it’s shown up on a Mega Man X villain, a Phantasy Star soldier, and now a crotchet head-warmer.



This stylish piece is priced at $54.99, which seems a tiny bit steep until you notice that the artist even made the helmet antenna and did it exceptionally well. There’s no crochet rocket pack yet, but it’s hard to think of a better Star Wars hat for the winter. And if you’re a big fan of Vile from Mega Man X, you can try commissioning a purple variant.