Behold the New Defiantly Unsexy Star Wars Porn Trailer

So there’s a new trailer for Vivid’s Star Wars porn parody which comes out next week, and much like the first trailer, it desperately wants to pretend it’s some kind of sex-less fan flick. I guess I just don’t understand pornography anymore, because I kind of thought sex was kind of the whole point. It doesn’t even show the sexy stormtroopers, so it still looks like Princess Leia is the sole woman in the movie. Hell, Porkins has almost as much screentime in this trailer as Leia did, and while I’m sure there’s some folks who are into that sort of thing, I have to imagine the majority of people who desperately want to masturbate to Star Wars porn are having a bad feeling about this. Hell, the only scene in this trailer that even implies sex was Vader’s interrogation of Leia, and that’s more disturbing than sexy. I had enough issues with Leia kissing Luke in the real Star Wars movies; I really, really don’t need to see her bone a family member in the porn parody. Unless Leia suddenly has a hot sister or something. Then maybe we can work something out. Thanks to Ifthikar for the tip.