George Lucas Invites You to Enjoy a Slurp Saber

I SWEAR TO GOD I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP. Go-Gurt is running a promo with Star Wars for The Phantom Menace 3-D; the Go-Gurt tubes glow-in-the-dark like lightsabers, which is all well and good. What’s less well and good is THAT THEY’RE CALLING THEM SLURP SABERS.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT. Really? Really no one felt there was a double entendr? there? For a product that is already a long tube of yogurt? KIDS, SUCK HARD ENOUGH ON THAT SLURP SABER AND YOU’LL MAKE THE GO-GURT COME OUT! Dont squeeze too hard or you’ll make a mess! Don’t forget to play with the balls a little! Okay, that las one doesn’t quite work, but you get the idea. Honestly, I’m going to have a hard time finding an FFF as depraved as this.