Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Red Sword (NSFW)

I know the words “red sword” look terrifying next to “NSFW” and “Super Terrific Japanese thing,” but let me set your mind at ease: Red Sword is nothing but a movie, albeit a Japanese movie with exposed breasts in it (hence the NSFW). It’s another “modern” take on the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, which is to say it’s about Red killing werewolves. But it’s since it’s a low-budget Japanese movie, it’s also about “the 400 year battle between wolf men and virgin girls,” men in hilariously cheap werewolf costumes, and a girl with a 40-inch bust, and it’s all presented as the “true” story from the “amazingly bloody erotic” Grimm’s Fairy Tales, because it’s Japan, and who the fuck is going to call them on it. Sure, it’s got to be awful, but I bet when Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters and both those Snow White movies come out, I bet we’re all going to wish they had a girl with a 40-inch bust in them. (Via Twitch)