Star Wars Kinect Wants to Help Us Discover the Slave Leia in All of Us

We already knew about some of Star Wars Kinect’s gameplay modes. For instance, we knew about the awkward Jedi vs. Battle Droids lightsaber battles, and we knew about the admittedly fun-looking destroy-Mos-Eisley-as-a-rampaging-Rancor mode. If we didn’t know about the similarly awkward-looking podracing sequences — do you just balance to steer? Lame — we could have guessed. But I’m pretty sure we never could have guessed the game mode that appears at 4:30 in the video above — performing a choreographed dance routine as Slave Leia for Jabba’s pleasure.

Honestly, my brain doesn’t even know how to process this. Slave Leia good. Star Wars Kinect bad. Fat male nerds like myself undulating as Slave Leia worse. It’s like trying to watch porn and having a family member suddenly show up on screen. The shock actually overwhelms the awfulness… at first. (Via io9)