CG Green Lantern > Young Justice

Hold on. I’m not saying that CG Green Lantern is overall better than Young Justice (although after last week’s dire Young Justice, I’m a lot more willing to entertain the notion); I’m saying that of the two new previews from WonderCon, the CG Green Lantern one is significantly more exciting than Young Justice‘s. Green Lantern has Star Sapphires, Saint Walker fucking around with Razor, and an arena fight with a bunch of Thanagarians. Young Justice… well, YJ has a bunch of clips from episodes that already aired, maybe a couple of new villain shots, and then about half a second of Blue Beetle and Lobo near the end. Obviously, I’ll take Lobo over all the Skittle Lanterns and Hawkmen Green Lantern wants to throw at me, but of the two previews, Green Lantern still came out the winner. The Young Justice preview is after the jump; check it out and tell me if you disagree.Thanks to VBane for the tip.