I’ve Found My Downer

When nerdery gets too wonderful — when things seems too impossibly good to be true — I have made it  TR‘s mission to remind nerds that they are still generally ridiculous people, some of whom are actually quite awful, and no matter how bright the light of nerd goodness may appear to be, there are also dark, horrible nerd shadows, always waiting to envelope the light. Obviously, with two of my passions — Avengers and Game of Thrones — each so close to beginning a second season of a phenomenal TV adaptation, I knew I needed something drastic, something dire to keep from being blinded by the sun, so to speak.

Unfortunately, I found that something.

Now the trick is for me to not commit suicide before the Sunday premieres of Avengers: EMH and Game of Thrones. I still think sleeping from now until Sunday is my best bet; and as usual, when I say “go to sleep,” I do mean “drink until In pass out.”