Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Golden Shower Nyou Maniac Lotion Omorashi

I saw this when I posted the Saki Otsuka Love Juice Lotion. Yes, vaginal lubricant isn’t the only bodily fluid Japan has mass-produced and bottled. There’s also this:



If you’re into nyou (urine), golden showers or panty-wetting (omorashi) you will get a lot of kicks out of this highly realistic Nyou Maniac Lotion.
Great for acting out fantasies of wetting yourself (or making your
partner wet him or herself!), having “stained” panties or doing
nurse-and-patient roleplays, the lube both looks and feels just like the
real McCoy. Since its texture is designed to replicate actual pee it is
not so sticky and will probably wash away quite easily. The smell,
though, will remain and, whether as lubricant or just a fun extra, you
will soon find using Nyou becomes addictive!

First of all, and I can’t state this too strongly, if you purchase fake human piss YOU HAVE FAILED AT LIFE ON EVERY CONCEIVABLE LEVEL. And I’m not even talking about having a pee fetish; I find that weird and gross, but that’s not the issue. The issue is that if you spend actual cash money — specifically, $19 — for a bottle of a fake version of a liquid the body produces naturally, constantly, and for free, EVERY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL CELL IN YOUR BODY SHOULD COMMIT SIMULTANEOUS CELL DEATH BECAUSE OF HOW ULTIMATELY YOU’VE FAILED.

Second of all, “probably wash away quite easily”? Don’t they know? Shouldn’t they know? I can only imagine how that conversation as the piss lab went:
Pee Lotion Scientist: “We’ve done it, sir! We’ve made fake piss! Smells and feels just like the real thing!”
Pee Lotion Sales Manager: “Great, Toshi. Let’s get mass-producing and shipping immediately.”
Pee Lotion Scientist: “But, sir — we still have more tests to do. We don’t yet know how the liquid will react on clothes…”
Pee Lotion Sales Manager: “Do you want to pour it on your lab coat?”
Pee Lotion Scientist: “Fuck no, it smells like piss.”
Pee Lotion Sales Manager: “Exactly. Ship it.”
Pee Lotion Scientist:  “Yessir.”