Wonder Woman Makes a Sandwich in a Kitchen in Major Victory for Sexist Nerds Everywhere

I’m sure this video is just meant for fun, and we should assign no real gender politics to it, but still, seeing Wonder Woman make a sandwich in a kitchen is hard to process in its horrible, horrible misogynist ramifications. All I know is this:

? There’s no way that accent is real. She makes Sofia Vergara sound like Judi Dench.
? I don’t expect this to be The Mary Sue‘s new favorite YouTube video.
? Is it better or worse that Wonder Woman is making the world’s simplest sandwich? “Step 1: Put ingredients on bread. Step 2: Uh, eat it.”
? Meanwhile, DC Editorial doesn’t see a problem with this video, except Wonder Woman should have offered to have had emotionless sex with the sandwich afterwards.
? Chances of Superman and Batman watching football in the next room: 100%
? That sandwich is fucking terrible. Come on, Wonder Woman — if you’re going to throw your entire gender under the bus, at least do it with a sandwich that doesn’t involve bologna or American cheese.

Thanks to Alex R. for the tip.