Time and Relative Dimension(s) in Vaginas


Someone made a Doctor Who-themed dildo, but at least they made a very clever one. When I first saw the headline over at iGeektrooper I was expecting a simple ribbed Dalek, or perhaps an oddly elongated TARDIS, but no — it’s actually the time vortex, with a tiny TARDIS inside, so ladies can replicate the opening Doctor Who credits in their vaginas! Brilliant! Weird, but still kind of brilliant! It’s called “The TARDIS Tickler,” but I really feel like it should be called “The Wife’s Doctor,” if you know what I mean. At any rate, my mind is actually boggling at all the Doctor Who-themed jokes this thing presents — ladies shouting “Geronimo!” and “Allons-y!” is merely the tip of the dildo iceberg — so I’ll leave it to you all to fill up the comments with them. So to speak.