Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Macross 1-1 Scale Valkyrie

macross valkyrie.jpg

Since the last STJT was an incredibly terrifying sex toy, I thought I’d uncharacteristically show a little bit of kindness by showing the 1:1-scale Valkyrie model created for Macross‘ 30th anniversary (Macross, as always, being the first part of Robotech and the greatest love story of the 20th century). Just looking at it gets me far more aroused than the sex toys of STJT, although when those include nightmares like this, that’s not really saying anything. Kotaku has a few more pics of the Valkyrie if you’re equally excited.

…of course, if you prefer your STJT to be all about horrible sex aids, then you might want to check out Shakuhachi Blow Job Spray. It sounds innocent enough — a spray that adds flavor to the male member for use during fellatio — until you learn that the spray is flavored with a mixture of potatoes, cheese and kiwifruit. I don’t know what’s more upsetting; the knowledge that some Japanese folk apparently enjoy penises that taste like T.G.I. Friday’s potato skins or that anyone on Earth would make a potato-and-cheese-flavored blowjob spray without bacon flavor, too. As far too often, you can purchase the spray yourself at Kanoko. Thanks to Laraneia for the tip.