Fan Fiction Friday: Balto in “The Hero, The Legend, The Rapist”


I don’t know how many of you actually remember the 1995 animated movie Balto, ostensibly a true story about a dog that helped save an Alaska town from a diphtheria outbreak in 1925. You don’t really need to know anything about Balto in order to be truly horrified by this tale from author countrydog20101 (and sent in by Nick P.), other than it’s exactly what you think a 1995 animated movie about a heroic dog would be, and also that Kevin Bacon voiced Balto. Shall we?

It has been several months after balto saved the town of Nome from the diphtheria crisis. With Jenna pregnant, he was left without any sex from her for the next 9 weeks. he knew he wouldn’t be getting any from her anytime soon, so he decided to another way to satisfy his sexual urges. He was still very horny, and longed to shove his big long dogmeat into someone.

He decided to take a walk into town, as he tried to shrug of the ugre to plow himself into the first bitch he saw. He walking along when suddenly, he tripped over something, falling face first into the cold, wet snow . He turned to see that it was book buried under the white and substance. He was to pick it up, but as he did, as dark aura surround the strange book. There was a quick and instantaneous flash of light, that obstructed his vision momentarily. When he was able to see again, he saw a beautiful panther demon. She layed there in the snow, bound in chains, and vulnerable.

Oh lord. Has there ever been a decent story which included the phrase “beautiful panther demon”? I submit to you there has not. Unfortunately, the “beautiful panther demon” doesn’t crack the top five problems of this story, as you’ll see if you’re fool enough to hit the jump.

FYI, this story is monstrously long. Normally I try to avoid stories of this length, but I figured we all needed tio be punished for enjoying last week’s Garfield FFF. I DON’T RUN THIS SHIT TO MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD, PEOPLE.

“Who are you?,” asked Balto, confused about what he just witnessed . He saw how vulnerable she was . It was like the god’s had answered his prayers. She had the biggest tit’s he had ever seen ,and her fur looked to be as soft as velvet.


“My name is Voncia,” said the panther demon . “What’s your name, and for that matter, where am I?”

“It’s Balto,” said the wolfdog, “and you are the answer to my problem .” “I am extremely horny, you are bound in chains and you ain’t going nowhere.” ” I am the one who is going to rape you.”

“Why I said all that in separate sentences with their own quotation marks.” “I don’t know.”

“What did you say?,” asked Voncia, as she was just now notice the steel chains that held her down ,and the stakes the drove the chains into the ground. She was helpless, and couldn’t move at all, as Balto moved in closer, forcing his 10 inch cock deep inside her gorgeous throat. She gagged a bit as she proceeded to take the huge rod all the way in . Balto quickly wrapped his front paws around the back of her head, and began thrusting himself into her warm maw.

Two thoughts: 1) What kind of a book summons a bound panther demon? A Bestiality-Loving Fan Fic Author’s First Book of Magic? And 2) far be it from me to doubt the verisimilitude of this story, but isn’t sticking your dick inside the mouth a member of the order Carnivora against their will a spectacularly bad idea? They have strong jaws and fangs. Voncia could put a rather abrupt end to the mouth-rape if she wanted to, is what I’m saying.

“You like that, don’t you bitch!?,” said Balto .” I am gonna piss into your mouth, and make you swallow it down.” Voncia just let out a muffled whimper as she was forced to do whatever he said. She nearly choked he as held her against him. Letting out a loud howl, he began relieving the tension on his bladder, as he let loose a torrent of hot yellow piss down the undulating throat of the helpless panther demon. She swallowed it all down and nearly gagged again as he finished marking his territory, and pulled his still hardened cock out of her mouth .

So Balto has marked the inside of her small intestines and my territory. I guess no other dog is going to wander around in there. Well done. 

She took a brief moment to catch her breath, she layed on the ground, choking on the dog piss and panting heavily. “No more, PLEASE ,” said Voncia, pleading for mercy . “I BEG OF YOU, PLEASE, NO MORE .” ” I DON’T LIKE THIS.”

“Who cares what you want or like,” Balto replied .” You are my territory now, and you will give me what I want, and what I want is pussy”. “SO, YOU ARE GONNA SHUT YOUR MOUTH UP, AND GIVE IT TO ME, UNDERSTAND!?” The demon just nodded and whined, in agreement as she was powerless to stop the horny mutt. He walked up behind her and prepared to penetrate her as he wrapped his front paw around her massive waist .

I know I’m reading about a cartoon dog raping a fictional panther demon, but what really upsets me is when authors anthropomorphize animals to perform unlikely if not outright impossible physical acts. It’s possibly worth noting that I also take a great deal of depression medication.

“PLEASE JUST LET ME GO,” said Voncia as she stuggled now to break the chains to bound her so tightly . Balto completely ignored her as he forced his cock all the way inside and leaving his oversized knot pressed against her warm slit as he thrusted himself violenty in and out of the panther’s tight voluptuous pussy. The big Panther demon let out a bonechilling roar as the mutt violated her and to away her innocence. The was nothing she could do to stop him as she cried out from the deep and torturous pain.

The innocence of the panther demon? Okay. Also, as far as demons go, Voncia is pretty crap. She’s kind of a crybaby for having been ostensibly summoned from the bowels hell, is what I’m saying.

“THAT A GIRL, JUST RELAX AND LET ME BREED YOU,” said Balto continuing his rapid, but violent thrusts as he broke through her hymen and plunged his doghood deeper into his big cat bitch .

Thumbnail image for picard-facepalm.jpg


In Balto’s defense, a panther that is simultaneously a bitch — a female dog — not to mention a demon — would probably have some pretty unique breeding potential.

“AHHHHHHHHH, I FEEL IT INSIDE ME, IT HURTS SO MUCH,” screamed Voncia as she lost her virginity to the oversized mutt that was thrusting against her backside . Balto thrusted into her one last time, forcing his bulbous knot deep inside her love tunnel. She cried out loudly as she felt the knot quickly began to swell up inside her. His pace quickened as he sought to breed her, but he couldn’t help but wonder if a cat hybrid could carry his puppies. “What would they called them?,” he thought. 


He figured that it was worth a shot at least. He hilted himself against her for a final time, relaxing his mucsles, as he raised his mighty head up toward the night sky, and the air became still as fired of his load deep into her young fertile womb .

Because balto’s knot was so big, the wolfdog’s seed could not leak out . She began panting again as felt hiswolf cream moving inside of her. 

I find Campbel’s Cream of Wolf Soup pretty disgusting, although it is better than Cream of Celery.

At that same moment she released her embryos into her cum filled womb.

joy picard explode asplode scanners.jpg

I swear to god, if I could make every Republican read what kids actually think happens during intercourse, we could actually fix sexual education in this country.

Balto turn around to relieve some of the pressure, but still keeping himself tied inside the panther demon. In a quick burst of rage, Voncia finally broke the chains, but It was no use seeing as they were now tied together.

“Well, you may have broke the chains, but you can’t break away from me,” said Balto.” Struggle all you want , it won’t save you from bearing my pups.” She whimpered softly as her belly began to distend from the dog’s fertile seed, and moaned in new found pleasure, as her tits began to swell up with milk for her future puppies. She had fought it for too long, but she finally gave in to the pleasure. She was beginning to like having the balto inside of her, and she wanted more, but she was just too tired to continue.

“You can come home with me,” said Balto as he saw that she was exhausted, and who could blame her.

What a kind rapist that Balto turned out to be!

“That’s very kind of you,” said Voncia as nodded lovingly in agreement. 30 minutes later Balto finally pulled out of her. He was caught by surprise when she around and locked muzzles . She leaned even closer as she felt Balto tongue dance about within the maw of the Panther demon . Romance filled the midnight air as they finally broke their kiss.

Double facepalm 2.jpg

“Let’s go home,” said Balto, urging her to stand . She quickly got to feet and began walking home with Balto, and smiling happily cause she had finally found the love of her life, and nothing would ever be the same again.

To recap: The canine star of a 1995 animated just raped a panther demon who instantly became pregnant and then fell in love with her rapist. Oh! Who also pissed in her mouth. This is terrible and wretched of course, but it seems kind of tame for —


Voncia woke up early the next morning, to the feeling of her new lover’s head pressed firmly against her warm milk filled mammaries. She was moaning softly, and was quickly becoming aroused, as the wolfdog licked her huge breasts. Each lick sent a new wave of pleasure through out her entire body, as she began lactating all over her lover. 


She quickly rolled him over on his back, and bent her head down,and proceeded to lick the warm milk from his matted fur. With her long wet tongue, she covered every last inch of him, from the top, and down between his furry legs, as the hot pantheress began licking his balls.

Balto whimpered a little at this, and watched as his huge cock peaked out from it’s sheath.”You taste so good baby,” said Voncia, as she continued to lick his huge balls, and up and down his now fully erect member . She continued teasing Balto by lubing the meaty tool for more fun later. She was enjoying herself and the foreplay that they were sharing, as Balto began moaning again.

Question: Is writing about what are for all intents and purposes actual animals having oral sex more or less disturbing than writing about anthropomorphic animals having oral sex? I say more, but I’m not 100% why. Mainly because every time I try to analyze it I start crying.

“OHHHHHHHH Voncia, suck me, OHHHH yeah that’s it,” said Balto, as he watched her take the long rod deep into her warm maw . He began moaning ecstatically, as the hot panther demon moved her head up and down the mutt’s mighty shaft. Balto just laid back and murred softly, just letting himself become lost in the pleasure.

From the Urban Dictionary:

Murr — A sound of happiness/contentment used by furries. A made-up ‘animal noise’ word along the same lines as yiff that probably came from the word ‘purr.’

Thumbnail image for 17189-130475-RageFace2png-620x.jpg

“Ohhh baby, that feels so good,” “I’M GONNA CUM,” said Balto, as he wrapped his paws around her furry neck and pulled head down, letting her deep throat him, as he held her momentarily, unleashing his white salty mixture deep into the slick caverns of her hot throat. Quickly pulling away, she nearly choked, trying to swallow as much of his cum as she could, but it was too much for her, as the excess dripped from the outside of her maw and spilled out onto the floor.

As Voncia swallowed down the last bit of Balto’s tasty cream, she turned around slowly, getting down on all fours, giving her mate a better view.”COME ON BABY, FUCK ME RAGGED,” said Voncia, wanting to feel that wolf meat inside of her once again. Balto got up to his feet and moved toward her, ready to have his way with her, when suddenly, they were interrupted by an unexpected visitor. 

There was a loud, thunderous crash, that startled the two lovers, as what appeared to be a lion/human hybrid, broke through the wall, eventhough he could have opened up the door, and just walked in.

toht facepalm jeff robertson.jpg

“WHERE IS SHE?” asked the halfbreed lion. The two lovers were so shook up by what transpired, that could not answer right away. “HE HE HE HE, AFTER MANY MONTHS OF SEARCHING, I FINALLY FOUND YOU, EH VONCIA!!!!!!!!”

I do enjoy how, despite everyone being nonplussed by the whole demon summoning/mouth pissing/rape/instant pregnancy going on so far, even Balto and Voncia are perplexed by a goddamn lion furry walking in. “Okay, now this story about a cartoon dog raping a panther demon who falls in love with him is getting kind of dopey,” they thought.

Voncia looked frightenedly up at the tall lionlike beast that pursued her . “LEON, What are you doing here?,” asked Voncia .





If you name a lion furry Leon, you have failed at every aspect of life, even your horrible, ridiculously stupid perversions.

“WAIT A MINUTE, VONCIA!!,” Balto interupted . “Do you know this guy?”

“Yes, his name is Leon the 4th,” Voncia replied . “He is from the same demension as me, which means he must have followed me through the portal i used to enter your world.”

“OH yeah, the book,” said Balto, “but that still doesn’t explain why he wants you.”

“ENOUGH TALKING,” said Leon, roaring in anger . “I am taking back what’s rightfully mine.” “YOU ARE MY QUEEN, and I am taking you back home.”

“I pissed in your mouth way before this jackass did!”

“I AM NOT GOING ANYWHERE WITH YOU,” Voncia said, pointing her index finger at him in anger, bending down of all fours again as Balto mounted her . “I HAVE FOUND A NEW LOVE, SO WHY DON’T YOU TAKE YOUR LEAVE!!!!”

In Voncia’s defense, this is an excellent way to accentuate her point.

“WHAT?!” “YOU WOULD BETRAY ME FOR A MUTT!!!,” Leon shouted. Leon was filled with rage as he watched The wolfdog wrapped his furry paws around her waist , and shoved his big wolf meat deep inside of Voncia. Voncia panted heavily as Balto thrusted himself in and out of her wet pussy. Slurping noises could be heard, as the mutt plunged himself back into her again.

maximus contempt disgust 1.png

“THAT’S RIGHT LEON,” said Balto .”SHE’S……HUFF…….MY……BITCH…… HUFF, HUFF…..NOW.” Leon listened to her cry and moans, as Balto gave her more and more pleasure. He suddenly realized that she was truly happy, but part of would alway love her . Suddenly, the lion had a moment of weakness, as he began to cry for her to love him again.

I think Leon has some emotional issues he needs to work through. Possibly while not watching his demon panther ex-wife get fucked by her new rapist/lover. 

“Listen , I was just thinking about where I might have went wrong,” said Leon, as moved closer toward his ex lover. 

“Is it because I walk on my hind legs? Is it because my name is Leon? Or did I just not rape you enough?”

“I can’t stop you from leaving, but let me pleasure you one last time.” Sounding convincing, she began licking Leon’s furry balls, making his huge barbed cock spring forth from his mighty sheath. It was always her fantasy to the have a threesome. This didn’t bother Balto at all, as the continued to plow his panteress bitch. Leon yipped a little, as Voncia caught him of guard by pulling his hard cock into her warm, wet maw, and sucked him off slowly, taking her time to savor the flavor of the 10 inch rod pressed firmly between her furry lips.

“I bet you missed my cock didn’t you,” asked leon he grabbed the back of her head, and began moving her up and down his lionhood. His only response was a bunch of muffles, seeing as how her mouth was full off meat . “OHH YES, I’M….HUFF… GONNA…..HUFF…..CUM,” Leon screamed, letting out a mighty roar and blasting his load deep into the back of her throat. Pulling his still hard dick out of her maw, she tilted her head back and swallowed it all down in one big gulp. Leon became worn out rather quickly, as he laid back on the floor, and began fapping himself, as he watched Balto hump Voncia wildly.

It’s Leon, the Prematurely Ejaculating Lion! Well, Leon, I think we found a clue as to why Voncia left you for Balto.

Balto was enjoying the feeling of warmth around him as the pace of his thrusts quickened , then with a loud pop, his knot slipped safely inside . Voncia let out a low pitched wine, as the knot swelled up within her . “Mmm, yeah, that feels good baby,” said Voncia, as she felt the wolddog’s balls tapping against her backside as he continued humping her . Leon continued to fap himself faster and harder. He was enjoying the view, as he noticed that her tail hole was empty and longing to be filled . Holding his cock in his paws, he was ready to explode as he shoved his cock right up her big blue ass,and began thrusting in and out of her. Balto had reached his point as well, not minding that he was sharing his lover.

“OHHHHHHHH I’M GONNA CUM,” said Balto, as he pushed into her one last time.

“I’M CUMMING TOO,” said Leon, as he hilted himself tightly against her ass.

“OHHHH I’M GONNA KILL MYSELF,” said Rob, as he put the muzzle of the loaded gun in his mouth.

Leon and Balto both cried out loudly as they both exploded inside of her and filling both of her holes with sticky white cum. Her body began to shake involuntary as she tried to accomodate the massive amount seed being forced into her . As Leon finished up and pulled out of her tail hole, she collasped onto floor underneath her .Leon just laid back and feel asleep, seeing as how Balto was gonna be inside her for a while.

“Oh Balto”, said Voncia, right before she passed out from exhaustion. Balto rubbed her huge milk filled tits a little as a way of keeping himself stimulated, not wanting to pulled out of her too quickly as he turned around keeping himself lodged deep within her .

I sincerely hope this author doesn’t have a pet. Hell, I wouldn’t let him have a copy of NintenDogs.

About half an hour later, he quickly noticed that Leon had gone for a walk around town, and before he could pull out of his panther demon lover, the house door swung wide open, looking up to see Jenna standing in the door way with a look of disbelief on her face, as she saw them together. Balto began to wonder how he was gonna get out of this one, as he laid there hung up inside another female.

“Uh, it’s not what it looks like! I was just raping her, I promise. Also: Who the fuck are you again?”


“JENNA!!!!,” said Balto, realizing he had just been caught with his knot deep inside of someone other than her. Voncia was still sound asleep . Balto knew he was in deep trouble, as Jenna move closer toward him. He could tell she was angry, as she snarled and growled, muttering curses under her ragged breath.

“HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME!!!!!!,” Jenna screamed . I am your mate and you have the nerve to cheat on me with some other bitch. Balto couldn’t defend himself, and he knew what he did was wrong, but he never thought Jenna would ever catch him. She did though, and now she was gonna punish him, ensuring that he will never cheat on her ever again.

Hey, it’s a likable character! Team Jenna!

“PLEASE JENNA, FORGIVE ME!!!!!!!,” Balto pleaded, letting tiny whimpers escape his lips. He was terrified of what she might do to him, as she got ever closer, and eventually pressing her furry face against his. Balto whimpered and cried even more, as the enraged husky bent down, and began to slather his face with her long wet tongue.

“PLEASE STOP!!!!,” said Balto, as he whined and whimpered from her tongue’s assault . “WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO TO ME!!!!!,” he asked, unsure of what her answer might be.

“That’s a very simple question to answer my dear, sweet Balto,” Jenna replied, licking her lips slowly, as she bent down again in front of her mate. “I am going to eat you, as punishment for betraying me.” Balto tried to scream for help, as Jenna opened up nice and wide, and took his whole head into the warm, wet maw that was waiting to claim him.

I am officially no longer on Team Jenna.

The rest of his body thrashed around outside, as the husky powerful jaws clamped down hard around the mutt’s fragile neck, and almost shattered it, as blood gushed from it. Balto cried out in agonizing pain, but his cries were unheard, as Jenna took her first *GULP* forcing the first bit of her meal into the tight grip of her throat . Outside, Balto continued to thrash about as Jenna’s throat muscles sqeezed tightly around his head, making it difficult to breath, and escape .

toht face melting.jpg

Oh, I’m sorry. Did you think I’d run a simple tale of a cartoon dog raping a panther-demon who then later double-teams said panther demon with her lion furry husband? Well, that’s a pretty reasonable assumption, really. But nope, now Balto is going to be eaten alive, too.

Jenna gently rubbed Balto back with her front paws, as she sought to calm her squirming meal down. This made the husky giggled a little as she began dragging more of Balto into her . The mutt was now halfway inside her now, as she decided to her time to enjoy her wriggling meal, as licked his furry underbelly, savoring the flavor. “Mmmm, taste like chicken,” she thought as saliva and drool dripped from the roof of her mouth, making the mutt’s fur nice and wet for the last journey he would ever take.

Jenna gulped deeply a few times, pulling even more of him in . A happy thought came across the beautiful husky’s mind, as she felt a warm tingling sensation against tight ring at the bottom her thoat. She swallowed hard, forcing Balto’s head to clear the ring, and make his way into his new temporary home, that is Jenna . The rest of his body would soon follow, as swallowed down more of her tasty treat.

On the bright side, maybe Balto can mark some new territory while he’s there.

Balto should have thought twice before cheating on her. He was *Now,* nothing more than food for his pups. “AHHH, LET ME OUT OF HERE!!!!!!!,” screamed Balto, as more of his body follow him into the warm acid filled prison.The air was stagnant making it hard to breath as he banged his head into her stomach walls, desperately searching for a way out, but know that he would never find one. All that was left of the famous Balto was his hind legs and tail, thrashing violently about, as he was determined to fight to the very end.

Jenna giggled again happily as she tilted her head back letting gravity play it’s part, as she closed her wet maw around Balto’s furry feet . All the was left was his tail as it twitched about, involuntarilly. She smiled real big, and decided to end Balto’s life once and for all, as she slurped his tail up like a piece of spaghetti.

In Jenna’s defense, this should prevent Balto from cheating on her in the future.

After such incredible meal, she laid down right beside the still sleeping Voncia, as she rubbed her engorged belly, watch as Balto still struggled within her .

Did Balto roofie Voncia? How the hell did she sleep through him getting eaten alive?

“PLEASE HAVE MERCY, LET ME OUT HERE, PLEASE!!!!!!!!,” pleaded Balto. He cried out as loud he could, but alas, his words fell on deaf ears, as Jenna just laid back, and listened to the *GURGLES* and *CHURNS* coming from her huge, pregnant belly .


“AHHH how *URP* unfortunate for you,” said Jenna, as she notice her belly was shinking a little. The acids quickly went to work, as Balto’s tail and hind legs melted away first, eating away at his fur and skin, digesting him, and leaving nothing but bones, and soon they to would be gone .

This is the weirdest Tums commercial ever.

Balto cried out once again in deep despair, as the pool of stomach acids rose up higher, claiming more of him . Only his head was left floating above the acid, letting out one final howl before he died, as the rest of his body was quickly disolved, and his head quickly became detatched from his neck and floated along the acids strong current., as Jenna’s belly shrink down signficantly. Balto fought hard but in the end, he because nothing more than a thick nutrient’s soup to feed her pups with.

Is Jenna a goddamn Alien? How the hell is she digesting him so fast OH GOD WHY AM I EVEN THINKING ABOUT THIS AAAAAUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGHHHHHHHHH

Jenna let out a hearty belch as she patted her slightly chubby belly one last time, and smiled happily, before sleep finally took her . She could picture what it was like for Balto, flesh and bones disolving him into a liquid substance, as his head floated above the acids only to disappear moments later.

Balto was gone, and nothing will ever bring him back. A few minutes later, Leon comes back and sees Jenna and Voncia laying beside each other. they were sound asleep as Jenna slept of the rest of her meal, and voncia moaned in deep slumber.

Balto: The Hero, The Legend, The Rapist, The Snack

“What do we have here?,” he said to himself, licking his lips. “That mutt “Balto” must have gone out for a walk.” “Now, I have two bitches all to myself, and no one can stop me,” he said, as he moved in closer, ready to have some fun.

“And by fun, I of course mean rape, water sports, and cannibalism.”


Jenna laid there sound asleep, having one paw over her wet pussy, and rubbing her clit softly, masturbating while listening to the low gurgling sounds that her stomach was making, as famous Balto was no more. She could feel her once engorged belly quickly become small, as the mutt was broken down into nutrients for her puppies. A soft, warm smile came across her face, as she slowly opened up her eyes. She looked down and, was happy to see that her furry belly was back to it’s normal size. She giggled a little at the thought of digesting her mate. It felt so good knowing that despite being eaten alive and digested, he was still useful.


“Well well, we are awake i see,” said a voice that Jenna had never heard before. It was Leon, but the voice was very unfamiliar to her, as she quickly jerked herself awake. 

I bet she did.

Tilting her head and looking up she saw, as lionlike figure towering over her as if she was food that he had slain, and was preparing to dine on it.

“Who are you, and what do want?,” asked the little frightened husky, just as she was preparing to try and make a run for it. Also Voncia had just woken up, and when she finally noticed that balto was gone, she went ballistic.

Wait a second. Jenna eats Balto without a second’s hesitation and even giggled about it, but The Cowardly Lion walks in and suddenly she’s scared shitless? Consistency, countrydog2010! SIR, I DOUBT THE VERISIMILITUDE OF YOUR CARTOON DOG-RAPE/DEMON/FURRY/PREGNANCY/CANNIBALISM TALE OF AGONIZING PERVERSITY AND BULLSHIT

“ALRIGHT, WHERE IS HE?” “WHERE IS MY LOVER, BALTO?,” Voncia screamed. “IF YOU DON’T TELL ME WHERE HE IS RIGHT NOW, I AM GOING TO KILL SOMEONE!!!” “Wait a minute” said Voncia, as she sniffed the air, finding faint traces of Balto’s scent, tracing right back to Jenna. For the first time, Jenna and Voncia were locked in each other’s gaze. ” I SMELL DEATH ON YOU!!!!! ” ” YOU KILLED MY LOVER!!!!!!!! ” Jenna was frozen in fear, and was wondering how she was gonna get away.” I AM GONNA MAKE YOU PAY,” said Voncia, as she grabbed the husky by the throat and lifted her high into the air.

“PLEASE DON”T DO THIS, LET ME GO!!!!,” Jenna pleaded as she struggled violently within the strong grip of the angry panther demon, as her back legs legs dangled right above the hard ground.

“Wait Voncia,” said Leon. “Why don’t we have a little fun with her first?”

“Oh Leon, I didn’t know you was still here,” she replied. “Have it your way then.” She gently placed Jenna back on the floor,as Leon leaned in toward her. He took a couple of steps forward and proceeded to mount the sexy husky, pinning her to the floor. Leon was way too large for Jenna to get out from under. Leon sensed this and dragged his body across the husky’s. It was at this point, that Jenna felt something smooth and warm pressing against the entrance to her pussy. And the fact that she had been masturbating in her sleep only moments before allowed the horny lion undaunted access to her sweet cunt.

The feeling of his huge cock was pleasing, even though the thought of the situation turned her stomach. 

But Jenna fear soon turned curiosity, and she conceded to keep the happy lion occupied, while she enjoyed the new lasting sensations of pleasure, that she was experiencing.

I think Jenna might also have some issues. 

“OHHHHH YEAH, THAT FEELS WONDERFUL,” said Jenna, “and as for Balto, well…uh…” she hesitated, but only for moment, “i….unh…. ate…unh…him,” she said, as she smiled happily. She could barely speak, as the lion pounded away at her backside. The feeling of that massive rod thrusting in and out of her, almost seem to much for her tiny body to handle. 

“Do you mind if join,” asked Voncia. “I would just love to teach this bitch a hard lesson in love.” Stunned at her request, he withdrew from Jenna’s cunt with the quickness of a gazelle. This dropped Jenna down from her higher plane of ecstasy, just as she was approaching her first orgasm. Leon moved to the side and began masturbating to himself, letting Voncia have her way with the hapless husky. What she was about to feel was better than anything she had ever felt before, and it was well worth it, as Voncia began sniffing the air. Jenna’s pussy gave off this wonderful scent and this time it was Voncia’s tongue that wound up inside of Jenna.

So the punishment for murder and cannibalism is a threesome with oral sex? Yeah, that’ll learn her.

“Ohhhhh Jenna, you taste so good,” said Voncia, as she tongue fucked the husky bitch, as Jenna soon felt Balto wanting out.


“YOU WANT YOUR BOYFRIEND BACK, WELL, READY OR NOT, HERE HE COMES,” said Jenna, as she forced what was left of the famous wolf out of her system, however with one slight problem, he was coming out as piss, right into the panther’s open maw. 

toht face melting.jpg

After passing through all of his puppies digestive tracts, he had become completely liquified, and his remains quickly made their way down into Jenna’s bladder, and out her pussy, as a stream of yellow liquid flooded the panther’s huge gaping maw. 

toht face melting.jpg

toht face melting.jpg

toht face melting.jpg

toht face melting.jpg

toht face melting.jpg

toht face melting.jpg

toht face melting.jpg

…and I’m done. There’s actually a bit more to the story; basically, after drinking Liquid Balto Vonica leaves in a huff — seriously, that’s her response to her rpaist/lover being eaten alive — Leon continues to fuck Jenna for a while in all the sensuous glory you’ve read above, Leon is mysterious called Ranger at some point (or a new character named Ranger shows up to fuck Jenna for a single sentence), Jenna instantly becomes extra-pregnant, and then after all the fucking Jenna has a moment of clarity where she’s disturbed he’s had interspecies sex and cries for help. Yep, the cannibalism, rape and threats of murder were no biggie, but once she figures out she had sex with an anthropomorphic lion she’s scared out of her mind.

So you’ll forgive me if I’ve had quite enough. you can’t actually read the rest, as I don’t have a link — sorry about that. But not really. No if you’ll excuse me, I need to write a really large check to the SPCA and drink a really, really large glass of paint thinner.