It’s the Prototype Movie (No, Not That Prototype, a Different Prototype)

I’m not sure how Andrew Will goes from being a second unit production assistant on the 2009 Star Trek flick to directing his own movie — at least according to IMDB — but his directorial debut The Prototype (no, not based on the videogame series) seems all right. I mean, it’s The Fugitive with a few touches of Frankenstein and/or Robocop, but there’s nothing wrong with that. And on the plus side, I’m glad to see we’re going to be programming our humanoid AIs to wear cargo pants and hoodies and try to blend with humans next year. Telling them to ride the subway even when they look like The Guyver and a gimp had a baby makes them a lot easier to find than if we told them to not wear clothes and stick in shadows and shit. (Via Blastr)