Now Here’s an Iron Man 3 Set Pic That’s Worth a Damn


No, not the above one. It’s after the jump, since a few people got upset I posted this before the jump last time. The above pic has been sent to me by several folks; obviously I appreciate the tips and help, but to me, this is just a pic of Tony’s armors, all of which we’ve seen before. Nothing new. However, the Iron Man 3 behind-the-scenes pic I’ve posted after the jump is both new and highly intriguing — so if you don’t mind a potential spoiler this early in the game, I think you’ll find checking it out a good idea.



One caveat: This pic could be photoshopped or otherwise fake. I’d be a bit concerned if it was just who had it, but as you can see Reel Movie Nation has different pics of the same sign, so I think a fake is rather unlikely. At any rate, HOLY SHIT IF SOME VERSION OF M.O.D.O.K. IS IN THIS FILM IT WILL POSSIBLY BE BETTER THAN AVENGERS