Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Shobon 2ch Onahole



The textboard forum 2ch (2channel) is a founding influence on the Japanese web, spawning whole online subcultures and controversies. It has also given birth to mascots and characters, one of which is the minimal Shobon, created only out of simplistic emoticons. The ASCII character is used when users want to express feeling shy.

Shy?! Shy is not the emotion I’d think would be most appropriate for this sex toy. Horror, maybe? Crippling embarrassment? Extreme psychosexual confusion? Is extreme psychosexual confusion an emotion?

The unusual toy takes Shobon and turns the character into an onahole!

As a professional internet worker, let me assure you all the day someone manufactures something you’re supposed to put your dick in bearing the words WHOSE RESPONSIBLE THIS is the day I quit and hang myself.
This unique round ball masturbator features a tight hole on the back. Plunge inside to feel the curving nubs and stimulating lines stroke you. If you are feeling as cheeky and shy as “Shobon”, then this is the perfect way to express your inner emotions!
Call me old-fashioned, but I’m a tiny bit skeptical that putting your dick into a small plastic ball with an emoticon face is the perfect way to express any emotion, let alone shyness. And frankly, you’re feeling shy and you start fucking the online Japanese icon of shyness… wouldn’t you just feel more shy? You can’t possibly be fucking your shyness away in this scenario. And what happens you you get back online and see people actually using the face in conversations? Sexual confusion followed instantly by more shyness, that’s what happens. All I’m saying is sticking your penis is this thing is a lot more trouble than it’s worth. Of course, if you really want to, the NSFW product page is here.