G4, 2002-2013


From Variety:

G4 is going less geek, more chic. 
The NBCUniversal-owned cabler is undergoing a rebranding, according to sources, that could involve a name change and take G4 in a direction reminiscent of GQ, the magazine for the “modern male” whose interests span beyond the dorm room or messy bachelor pad. The guy-centric net is mulling a more sophisticated look while remaining true to its tech and vid game roots. Brand refresh aims to bow in early 2013. 
A spokesperson for the network declined comment.
It would be foolish for me to pretend that G4 was a perfect nerd TV channel, but still, I find this sad. Sure, Attack of the Show did some fine interviews and covered some neat stuff, and the network’s E3 and SDCC coverage will be sorely missed. Additionally, Ninja Warrior was pretty much the best show ever. 
As a nerd, I stopped watching considerably the first time the channel tried to “hip” it up, because I was much more interested in shows containing nothing but random videogame clips than guys with hair gel talk about the latest YouTube video, but it sounds like this a complete 180 from the network’s original plan. Sure, the article says the new channel will “remain true to its ‘vid game’ roots” (sigh) but GQ isn’t exactly known for its stellar videogame coverage, is it? 
I don’t know who’ll be watching whatever G4 decides to call itself, but I’m pretty sure it won’t be us. Hope that works out for you, guys. (I’m lying, I hope you fail completely. Bring back Cinematech!)