Alright, You Primitive Screwheads, Listen Up! You See This? This… Is the Evil Dead Porn (SFW)


Oh, indeed. Behold the cover for Evil Head, the porn parody of Evil Dead, if that wasn’t abundantly clear. I would like to point out that I appreciate Burning Angel, makers of this fine fuck flick, using an actual parody title and not just This Ain’t Evil Dead XXX!!! or whatever. A few things: 1) You can check out the SFW trailer at the NSFW Burning Angel website here; there’s also a very NSFW back cover of the DVD, which indicates porn Ash gets along with the she-bitches summoned by the Necronomicon a lot more than original Ash does. 2) If the sequel isn’t titled Evil Head 2: Head by Dawn I will be gravely disappointed, pun intended. 3) The film’s description includes “a gangbang with possessed trees” so they get points for authenticity if nothing else. Much thanks to Jace W. for the tip.