An Impressive (if Philosophically Bewildering) Act of Nerdery

Nerds are not generally known for their workout regimens, but that doesn’t mean someone who happens to be in great shape — or who works hard to be in great shape — can’t be a nerd. Meanwhile, I’d posit that anyone who counts “cubing” as one of their hobbies — i.e., the solving of Rubik’s Cubes — is a nerd no matter what other interests they have. So I personally have zero problems labeling this gent’s feat of solving a Rubik’s Cube with one hand while the other does one-handed push-ups to be an incredibly impressive act of nerdery, despite the fact he’s wearing a baseball cap backwards. Also, I think it’s incredibly unfair. DUDE. I CAN’T SOLVE A RUBIK’S CUBE AND I LOOK LIKE SHIT. STOP FUCKING GAMING THE SYSTEM. (Via Geeks Are Sexy)