Fan Fiction Friday: E.T. and Elliott in “Coming Back to Me”



For eight years Elliott had been waiting for E.T. to come back, it was not until a week after E.T. left that he realized what impact the extra-terrestrial had on his body. The F.B.I. tested him inside and out and found he had nothing wrong with him that took about three days. After he got back into his routine and being semi-famous for being the boy who saved the alien from the United States government he began having urges. 

For the record, this is a story by Mr. Five, and was sent to me by Kinaras, who I will never, ever forgive.

Every so often as he slept he imagined seeing E.T. again only he was different he was stronger, clearer and had a different body. He was always smart but was young Elliott sensed, still had some growing up to do, but the feelings he felt were very much adult. They were connected gene to gene, molecule to molecule, and soul to soul. Every part of his body was shared with E.T. and it made his penis grow harder each night as he slept. 

toht face melting.jpg

Elliott knew E.T. was making him have that erection and would tell him all the secrets of his world, science, spirituality, and the stars. 

toht face melting.jpg

toht face melting.jpg

toht face melting.jpg

toht face melting.jpg

Elliott would receive visions and a life time of educating in one night and he would feel strong rough hands come across his body and his cock being teased and played with, his hole was moistening. 

toht face melting.jpg

toht face melting.jpg

— all right, I’m going to have to stop with the Tohts, because otherwise this is going to end up longer than Sonic’s Wikipedia entry. Suffice it to say I believe that every single sentence of this nightmare is Toht-worthy, and I would honestly rather have my eyes melt out of my skull than read a single word. Moving on.

He was becoming slightly more feminine; E.T. wanted him to be more female to be the submissive partner. 

E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial Sexist

Feeling his body being tailored so easily and the fact he accepted it so willing made him cum so hard.

As he grew older he was a little shorter for a man, he had a more feminine body an hour glass shape, but with a lean somewhat muscular body. He was not a sissy boy but he was sensitive and so very gentle. His older brother protected him from haters and his little sister became like a little his little bitch, the kind of bitch who had his back with the women haters (that’s women who were homophobic). 

Anyone else feel there’s some projection going on here?

He was pretty athletic and a great sportsman but every time the stars came out and he was alone he feel that full feeling like he was being pulled by invisible strings, and brought to his knees but a metamorphic orgasm. His ass was so sensitive and drooled so much pinkish fluid which made his colon wet and slimy and his ass would become so flexible and was easily penetrated. 

Sorry, quick exception:

toht face melting.jpg

toht face melting.jpg

toht face melting.jpg

toht face melting.jpg

toht face melting.jpg

WHY THE FUCKING FUCK IS ELLIOTT’S ASSHOLE LEAKING PINK GOO. Did he stick a bottle of Pepto Bismol up there? God, I spent my entire goddamned childhood being terrified that E.T. would confuse me for his friend and abduct me, and now I’m going to spend the rest of my adult life scared that E.T. IS GOING TO GIVE ME A FUCKING ASS-VAGINA

As he got older he would insert toys inside of his cunt like ass his ass would squeeze so hard it’d either destroy the toy or push it out and make him cum puddles of almost see through cum. 

Meaning Elliott had a lot of pieces of G.I. Joe figures stuck in there.

The slimly liquid his ass produced when he was horny would often expel from him during cumming and get on his fingers, which he was compelled to suck down.


Sucking down his pink ass juice made his cock thicker and made his body tighter and leaner.


After one night of riding his dildo to climax as E.T. was caressing his body from their bound he heard the words, “wait one more week”. That made Elliott stop completely, no breathing, no heart pounding, no thoughts, and no cumming then it hit him so hard he gave a screeching growl as his cum burst out and covered his bed. 

So I think this means that Elliott only orgasms through his asshole? I also think I’m going to need to lobotomize myself, because my brain thought this thought, and IT IS FOREVER UNCLEAN UNNNCCCCLLLLEEEEEEEEAAAAANNNNNN

Seeing his pink ass juice cover his bed with his cum he couldn’t help it he rub his body all into it and wrapped the blanket around his body. 

Like the world’s grossest burrito.

Like a womb of sorts he embraced the smell of his own juices and linger sensation of E.T. raping his soul made him continually cum and lather his bed in his pink ass juice.

Now I’m upset because I wanted to say this fan fic is raping my soul, but the author already used the phrase. 

Eventually he dried out and became tired and weak, preparing to sleep in a cocoon of flower smelling cum but he stayed awake with the idea that E.T. was coming back? 

Well, given how many things Elliott apparently shoves in his ass, it makes sense that one of the things would be a Glade air freshener.

Was really a simply guess question. However whether E.T. was staying, forever, for a little, or whatever was second mind to Elliott imagine what he’d look like, Elliott grew up a lot since the eight years they’ve been apart and he wondered if he was that little soft skinned alien that he grew to love in ways he never really understood since he was so young. It was so long ago and he was coming back in a week, was the fed’s still waiting for him, and was his family willing to accept him as a lover and soul mate of Elliott’s. 

Since E.T. is 1) still an alien and 2) guilty of statutory mind rape, I’d say yeah, the Feds still want him.

Questions filled his mind as he was slowly drifting off to sleep.

***Elliott’s Dream***

There was an odd sensation in his body.

He was melting in a cast of iron.

His bones ached, his brain melted.

Join the crowd.

His cock was the only organ that survived his ravaging.

Well of course it was.

It pulsed and grew, and began swallowing people.

Well, since E.T. looks like a giant scrotum, I supposed this is technically a good match.

It devoured his family, friends, enemies, and strangers.

Since Elliott seems to have spent the last five years doing nothing but anally masturbating to E.T., I wonder how many enemies he really could have made. Other than the laundromat that washes his sheets, obviously.

It ate and grew until his cock came red cum.

Cum at first then blood, so much blood he had become a giant cock.


An eating cummming monster that was so big and large it eventually had nothing to eat but itself.

Then he died choking on his own bloody cum.

Excuse me for a sec.


Kamacla was probing Elliott’s mind as he slept having just cummed after having mind sex with his soul mate he enjoyed feeling his lovers sensations. 

According to the author, Kamacla is E.T.’s real name, a notion that I can’t find corroborated anywhere on the internet. So the author decided to give E.T. a “real” name, and ended up with “Kamacla.” On purpose. Honestly, this is nearly as bafflingly terrifying me as Elliot dreaming he’s a giant, man-eating penis. 

Although the dream was obviously him coming to terms with his odd transformation, Kamacla felt guilt for what he was doing but he wanted his soul mate able to take his genitals into his body. Besides child birth would be much easier for Elliott once his hips became more flexible. Yawning Kamacla rolled over to look himself in his oval mirror in his room on his clan’s space craft. Looking at his newly formed adult body made him feel so powerful and sexy.




He couldn’t believe his species had such an ugly puberty form; his species were basically born as worms and grew into puberty where limbs would grow from a lump that came out of their tails. They would then leave their planet to search the galaxy for their soul mates. Being an advanced culture they had little need to educate their children since most skills and education was done pre-birth through PSI abilities. 

Freeing up all their time to mentally ass-rape underage teens!

Their main objective was finding their soul mates, which was anyone who would connect with them on a spiritual level. Eight years ago Kamacla was lost on planet Earth after sensing his soul mate. He was supposed to imprint the human into his psyche then leave but the local species was pretty strict and sought to capture him. Escaping from them he found his way to his soul mates home where they connected emotionally, spiritually, and mentally.

And ass-vaginally.

Sadly his race before reaching adult hood cannot tolerate being away from home for too long, regular trips back home an essential for survival. Luckily his soul mates bond with him get him alive long enough to get back home. Kamacla was lucky to have such a strong willed soul mate and those humans who temporarily severed their still forming link actually saved both of them, because the reconnection made their bond stronger. Since he left Kamacla had been growing out of his puberty form and becoming more sexual he would have consensual mind sex with Elliott. Since he knew what Elliott wanted he knew if Elliott wasn’t in the mode that was busy doing something sociable or important.

And, since the closest thing Elliott had to a job was sticking things up his asshole and seeing if they’d break, he ended up having plenty of time for soul fucking.

Kamacla a week after leaving Earth grew out of his puberty form and ate it being it was a way to absorb lost nutrients and all; he had become taller, muscular, and almost human like in appearance. Except for a different shaped penis, having his testicle internal, and having short flexible like hair that were actually horns and darkened skin his species were quite exact to humans. 

There’s probably a picture of humanoid E.T. out there somewhere, and the thought even even accidentally seeing it for a second fills me with complete dread. No fooling. I never, ever want to see that picture. I’m nauseous just reading about it.

Now that he became old enough he would be allowed to live among Elliott’s people with Elliott. However he’d have to use his powers that have finally matured to blend into society, everything would be taken in cautious steps but hopefully by weeks end he’d be with his soul mate.

Looking over on his rooms table he saw the flower he kept alive using his amazing gardening skills that, Kamacla looked at the flower which survived on light, water, and grew quite well and live so well due to his and Elliott’s love to one another. Kissing the flower Kamacla felt Elliott moaning and going to orgasm. 


He was so sensitive nowadays, so diming the lights in his room he laid down on the floor and went to sleep. There he visited Elliott hoping he could ask Elliott to stock up on that small food with the creamy middle but crunchy exterior.

Bull testicles?

All right, I’m going to skip ahead a bit, because this story is long, a bunch of boring shit is about to happen, and this is literally killing me. The only thing that happens is that Elliott masturbates a lot then puts on silk panties, while E.T. comes to Earth and gets a hotel room, because of course. So moving on..

“Okay Elliot” Kamacla said, “I want you to get undressed now; I know I just arrived and all but I need to do this okay? It’s for your safety love”.

E.T. learned that line for Sexual Assault for Dummies.

Elliot was confused by his words, but he was too enthralled by his love master that he couldn’t deny that request pulling off his top and flinging it to the side he went for his shorts. Pulling them down with his undies he positioned himself on the couch. Showing off his pulsing moist ass, wanting to get ass fucked so much he was practically in heat (in fact he was in heat).

So I don’t know why I bothered saying he was practically in heat in the first place. He was just in heat. Sorry for wasting your time.

Kamacla knew his love wanted to get fucked but he put those thoughts for later after he was done with Elliot’s rebirth. Taking a deep breath he decided to get it done with while Elliot was still lulled by his lust. Seeing his cock grow Kamacla positioned it to Elliot’s feet. Then concentrated, he started to breathe heavily as he felt his cock grow bigger and bigger till it was almost the size of Elliot. It was painful as hell but who said pregnancy was easy.

Breathing out and feeling the pain releasing to pleasurable numbness he took his lulled lovers feet into his cock-hole.










Then he managed to suck Elliot’s feet deeper into his cock. Elliot didn’t know what was happening he was enthralled by Kamacla and couldn’t form any rational thoughts. 


Breathing his cock pulled again at Elliot taking his legs inside of him as his womb was getting ready to receive Elliot inside of it. Kamacla couldn’t help but lift his cock up so he could lick at Elliot’s moist wet ass, it’ll be his last taste of him for a long time. 


Drinking down his loves ass juice he allowed his cock to pull that plump at inside of him.


At this point his lover’s feet were just pressing against the pucker of his entrance to his womb. It was sensitive and Kamacla almost lost control when Elliot’s feet rubbed against it. 


Breathing in and out he relaxed and started taking in those abs as he hugged his enlarged cock feeling his lover going inside of him. 


He shivered and felt like crying, he didn’t want to put his lover through such a bizarre trial but he needed to turn Elliot completely, to keep him safe from enemies of his peoples. He needed Elliot to be strong and as powerful as he was if he was going to survive by his side.

Getting to his arms Kamacla had trouble they were outstretched and he was having trouble pulling him in, but Elliot at this point was slipping in his own arms. 


His lover was now a slave of his will and was complying with his fate which made Kamacla want to cry. 


Tears started to well up, feeling so bad for forcing Elliot to do this he hurried up and sucked him down to his shoulders.


Looking at Elliot’s blank stared face he kissed him deeply allowing his tears of guilt to fall on his lovers face. Then he saw Elliot’s face disappears down his now closing cock hole.

It was like Elliott was snuggled deep in a fleshy brown sleeping bag.

Then everything happened really fast, Elliot’s body was being forced down into Kamacla’s closed womb, the tight opening gave way as his cock began to shrink and push Elliot down. It was his body’s natural response and it was painful but pleasurable enough to make Kamacla cry out as loud as he could.

“AAAAAHHHHGGG…*whimper*” Kamacla cried as he felt his lover go through into his womb, “I love you Elliot *sob* welcome homes”! He cried out loud.

“No smoking in there, though! The landlord doesn’t allow it.”

Feeling the last part of his love sink deep inside of him as his balls emptied his cum all over the couch, floor, and call to make room for Elliot. Then the stress as his cock shrank made Kamacla pass out.

I have to question the evolutionary process that led to E.T.s absorbing people through their dickholes.

Elliot snapped out of his lull as he felt pain from his belly button a hard deep tab and a feeling of fear came around him. “What’s happening Elliot said”? in the darkness of his moist prison. Then he felt calm as he felt his body adjust, it was a soothing feeling. He felt his belly button and found a slimly tube of flesh connected to him. Then he felt a water like liquid filling in around him. Although he started alarmed he felt his soul mates mind ease him, even though he was passed out he was still able to soothe him.

Elliot didn’t trust his situation but he knew in his heart he trusted and loved the one he was inside of, he knew he was inside of him because he felt a reassurance from around him. Feeling a sort of power force his eyes closed, then he stopped breathing through his mouth and nose but he could still get oxygen as he laid back and relaxed as the liquid filled his womb.

Elliott tasted it. “Mountain Dew A.M.? Wasn’t expecting that.”

Shifting back and forth he took a little nap feeling somehow really tired, he guessed Kamacla feelings were coming over his own as he fell asleep.

Smiling Kamacla looked at his stomach as he felt Elliot resting quietly in his body. He was slowly shrinking but he would grow bigger soon enough. They just needed to remove the inferior genes in Elliot and replace them with something far superior and this was the most natural and safest way to do it, besides Kamacla loved the idea of being pregnant with his Elliot.

Yes. This happened.

Patting his belly he sat up and found his back was straining terrible, breathing hard he stood up and felt his legs were trembling. His pregnancy was indeed going to be a trial but he wanted to do it for the sake of the one he loved the most. Moving to the kitchen he felt hungry as he found that Elliot had packed a cupboard full of Reece’s Pieces. 

Packed the hotel room E.T. rented and Elliott met him at. Although I don’t why I’m quibbling about inconsistencies when really it’s taking all my willpower not to slit my wrists.

Picking an arm full he went to Elliot’s bedroom lying down on the comfortable bed he started eating those delicious candies as he turned on the television and watched some relaxing television.

No! Not daytime TV! You’ll rot little Elliott’s mind!

Putting his hand on his stomach he felt Elliot was now just a fetus inside of him ready to regrow into a full adult when he would give birth to him in just nine months. Giving a happy sigh he laid back and relaxed happy to be with his loved one again.



There’s another chapter, not nearly as terrible as this one, involving Elliott’s adventures in E.T. dick-womb, which still makes it one of the greatest atrocities ever perpetuated by mankind. If you read it, without a gun forced to your head, I can’t begin imagine how much you hate yourself. Now if you’ll excuse, I have to go pray for the instant heat death of the universe.