STYNK: Thor 2, Evangelion, Victoria’s Secret, Buffy, NASA, Etc.


? Thor’s new Thor 2 outfit is… much like Thor’s old outfit, just a little more Celtic-y. I dig it. (Via Moviepilot)
? And just so we have a little sexy equality on my last day…


…Victoria Secret revealed the above “thing” at their recent fashion show, which is very clearly modeled after Rei Ayanami’s plug suit in Evangelion. “Evangelion Victoria’s Secret” were not three words I had ever imagined saying together, but now that I have, I think it was probably inevitable. (Via Kotaku)
? Seth Green is going to make a guest appearance on How I Met Your Mother, which means there’s going to be a de facto Willow/Oz reunion. I’m a little ashamed of how happy that makes me. (Via The Mary Sue)

? Episode Two of Everybody’s Loves Draven has arrived. Oh, that Beakman!

? If there’s a bit of good news to end my TR tenure on, it’s this: NASA wants to send up more manned moon missions, and now that Obama’s been re-elected they’re expected to reveal those plans soon (no need to get political in the comments; it’s what the original article says, and as nerds we can all be pro-NASA ). If this happens, it’s not just a great thing for nerds, buit for all of humanity. I’m calling it right now — Topless Robot meet-up on the moon, 2038. Be there orbe ravaged by the cannibalistic mutant bikers who will have taken over the earth. (Via