It’s Illegal to Have Sex with Skeletons (in Sweden)

Image via Flickr user pain_amp1013
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Just so you know. A woman in Sweden has been convicted of “disturbing the peace of the dead for allegedly using human bones for sexual purposes.” Which is to say, boning the bones. The best part is her defense:

She had argued that she acquired the skeletons legally and that she handled the bones in a respectful manner and that her actions weren’t covered by Sweden’s laws against disturbing the peace of the dead.

Why is that still a problem? Because…

“The fact that the woman had moved bones constitutes a crime because she was unauthorized to do so, just as it’s a crime to put together a skeleton and have it lying on the floor, to have bones in plastic bags, and to sell them.”

So you can own skeleton parts, but not put them together?

Oh, and here’s how they caught her – they heard gunshots coming from the room in which she was allegedly getting her bone on. There are ten photos of the crime scene here.

People, don’t do that stuff. Because now you know it’s wrong.

“I sympathize with her predicament,” said cartoon character Evil-Lyn.

Source: The Local via Drudge on Twitter