Porn Star Wants to Make Steampunk Western with Your Money


The cleverly named Cowboys and Engines is set in an alternate 1876 in which we have Zeppelins, steam-powered robots, and trips to Mars. Walter Koenig is set to play a professor whose “temporal engine” (time machine?) is stolen by a bad guy named Dr. Clay. It’s up to heroic Cade Ballard to get it back.

And as we mentioned upfront, this movie project, should it succeed in obtaining $100,000 on Kickstarter, will be produced by James Deen – an adult-film actor who will soon be seen simulating a four-way with Lindsay Lohan in Paul Schrader’s The Canyons – and directed by Bryn Pryor, also known as Eli Cross and director of the Scream XXX porn parody.

Though the title could arguably be considered suggestive, Cowboys and Engines will not be a porn film. But some of the investment rewards include attending poker and RPG game nights with cast and crew, and the ability to converse with all involved about their careers must surely be part of that.

Or they could do like the old Universal Dracula and Spanish Dracula, shooting a porn parody on the same sets at different times. A steampunk western porno is undoubtedly just what somebody ordered. Pretty sure they’re not doing that, alas.

Video (safe for work) after the jump: