Super Terrific Japanese Thing: Penis Powered Game Controller


Gotta love the Japanese marketing people. They come up with a product that there’s no way most American stores would carry, and they give it a name that’s an English pun: the Ju-C Air (which admittedly also sounds like an Israeli travel package).

jucair pirate.jpg

Anyway, if you’ve ever wanted to have sex with an anime girl wearing a pirate hat (who has that fetish?), this is the game for you. Just like the Dual Shock controller, vibrations are involved, and the game will rate your technique. I don’t know how the hell you clean it afterward, though, since the usual method of water mixed with bleach would likely ruin the electronics.

What I want to see is games that have nothing to do with sex otherwise utilizing this controller. Like, a version of Halo where your weapon is powered by the thrusts of your, uh, other weapon. Gives a whole new meaning to an all-night gaming session.

via Kotaku