Get Really Intimate With Iron Man

If I were to tell you that this were an Iron Man-themed soap bar, you probably wouldn’t give it much of a second thought. Oh yeah, identifiable basic sculpt, whatever…


It is not a bar of soap. But it does touch dirty body parts, if you get my drift. And it’s not the only one in its series.

(Click onward at your own risk…)

Behold “the Amazing Web-Shooter”!


…and the, uh, Batarang dick:


There’s a Hulk one too, but since it doesn’t get bigger as you get more agitated, it seems like less of a deal, really.

Each dildo here is part of Doc Johnson’s Super-Hung Heroes line “to save you from boring bedroom play.”

The upside of this? Apparently enough people believe nerds get laid nowadays that there’s a market for these.

The downside is that there’s a market for these.

h/t Laraneia