Life Is A Game if You Decorate Your Doors Like a First-Person Shooter


When I was a teen, I had six-foot posters of William Shatner and a xenomorph on my door – sadly, they were not both in the same poster, unless he was hatching a chestburster I didn’t know about. These door decals by Metal Core, however, promise to “TURN YOUR BORING DOOR INTO SOMETHING MORE!” Because with all the hysteria about kids shooting up schools after playing violent video games, nobody will have any concerns whatsoever about a person who decorates his door with racks of guns and hatches designed to resemble those in popular first-person shooters. Nosiree.

Actually, I think these are kinda cool. But you have to be pretty much morally beyond reproach to pull them off at home without raising some eyebrows.

Oh, and they’re $79.95. My big Alien poster used to be around $10.