Poor Aquaman: Now He’s a Malware Magnet in Addition to All That Other Crap


He may be a king and all, but no A-list superhero seems to get as much grief as Aquaman, whether it’s jokes about his powers being useless on land, or snickering double entendres about “sea man.”

Now he has more problems. McAfee anti-virus software has dubbed him the #1 Most Toxic Superhero online, due to the number of risky websites associated with his name.

The research found that searching for the latest “Aquaman and free torrent download,” “Aquaman and watch,” “Aquaman and online,” and “Aquaman and free trailer” yields a 18.6% chance of landing on a website that has tested positive for online threats, such as spyware, adware, spam, phishing, viruses and other malware.

McAfee concludes from this that “scammers consider popular trends when deciding which victims to target.” So, um…when did Aquaman become a popular trend? The top five are:

Aquaman 18.60%
Mr. Fantastic 18.22%
The Hulk 17.30%
Wonder Woman 16.77%
Daredevil 16.70%

A list containing Aquaman and Daredevil in the top tier is following popular trends? Wonder Woman, yes, because she just got her own porno, which I would bet accounts for 90% of the searches that lead to malware. But if people are looking for Aquaman porn – maybe that “sea man” joke really does confuse people?