The Avengers Sex Toys That Aren’t Real But Should Be


“Dear geek girls, today I made something special for you.
Let me know if you like the idea!”

Those are the words of Bal?zs S?rmai, who has managed to come up with a unique sex-toy gimmick for each Avenger. In a world where action figures no longer have such things, it seems only fair that we who remember them can now enjoy special toy features on an adult level.

Unfortunately, these are only concepts so far, and with Avengers being owned by Disney, the likelihood of them becoming a reality is only as real as the best rip-off you can think of.

Check out the NSFW Thor and Hulk “items” after the jump (brace yourself first, because the Hulk one is exactly what you think it is), then hit up Sarmai’s Tumblr for the rest.

(All images are posted with the express permission of Bal?zs S?rmai)



via Geekologie