Kickstarter Round-Up: James Pond, The Woman in Apartment 44, Forager

One of the things that I wanted to accomplish this week during my guest-editing run is to give an overview of interesting and noteworthy Kickstarter projects. The problem with such an undertaking is that due to the sheer volume of cool Kickstarters that there are out there I didn’t know where to begin. So I turned to you guys. On both the Topless Robot and my personal Twitter feeds I asked that you let me know of any crowd-funded projects that you felt were worthy of mentioning on TR. You did not disappoint. Here then are three of my favorites:


? Proving that 1990s nostalgia is so powerful that eventually every game will get remade, James Pond — that Ian Fleming-worshipping amphibian — is coming back. With your help of course. After the jump we’ve got a few words from Pond designer Chris Sorrell about his impending Kickstarter.

I genuinely had no idea that James Pond was such a popular franchise. Until the Kickstarter, um kick starts next week, you can follow this project on Facebook. Thanks to SlyDante for the tip.

? Dan Tabor is one of the most interesting characters on the Philly independent film scene. Both a critic and fanatic about cinema, “Dan the Fan” has recently begun branching out into creating short films that are unnerving and visually compelling. His latest project is The Woman in Apartment 44, as previewed in the probably NSFW teaser above. The short is described as “part French New Wave, part Italian Giallo, combining the two into an experimental narrative.” That sounds compelling enough, but what really got my attention here is the superb lighting and the soundtrack, which sounds like what would have happened if Giorgio Moroder scored Drive. This one has a week to go to make it’s $4,444 goal.

? Finally we have Forager, a stunning-looking sci-fi graphic novel from Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti (whose work you may remember from Marvel and various indie companies), and Steven Cummings. The story is described thusly:

In an attempt to save their crumbling marriage, Glenn and Joan Travers take their six-year-old daughter Ellie, on a week’s vacation aboard a luxury Star Liner orbiting the Earth and Mars.

Soon after reaching orbit, Ellie begins hearing voices from what she calls angels, claiming they are, “coming for our world”. As the days pass, Ellie alarmingly slips in and out of a catatonic state for short periods of time, each time explaining that the angels are getting closer. Are the angels real? Is Ellie suffering a mental breakdown or are we about to make first contact with an alien intelligence?

The inspiration for FORAGER was born out of frustration with mainstream science fiction movies where nearly all alien life in the universe wants to conquer or eat us. There is very little optimism, hope or joy. So FORAGER draws its inspiration films like Close Encounters of the Third Kind, ET and Starman.

This sounds ripe with potential, and with 89% funded so far, chances are we will see this one come to fruition.

So there you have it. Which of these interest you? Do you have a pet Kickstarter that I should know about. If so, fire away!