Game of Thrones Porn Parody Teaser Is an Uncomfortable Sit


Guess what the Iron Throne is made out of in this. Go ahead, guess. I’ll bet you can’t.

Dammit, how’d you guess? And how did I know you’d guessed it? Only because it’s the most obvious thing ever. But so’s the fact that you can’t actually have Jurassic Park in real life, and I posted about that today.

After the jump, the teaser for the first of two Game of Thrones porn parodies in the works, this being the online serial. Naturally, Axel Braun has a feature in the pipeline as well.

There’s no sex in the trailer, but I’m not 100% certain I’d call it SFW.

source: The Mary Sue via Gallen_Dugall, who headlined this “Dr Abraxas Line of Home Furnishings.”