Weird New David Cronenberg Online Project Involves Your Own 3-D Printed Icky Thing


I’m not entirely certain what the twisted Canadian creator’s Body/Mind/Change project is, but apparently it will let you “create a next generation bio-tech recommendation engine, called Personal-On-Demand (POD),” i.e. the creepy thing pictured above, and is “an episodic interactive narrative that functions as a simulator for training their PODs.” By the end of it, you generate your own custom mutant organ thingy and you’ll actually get to own it.

The official website remains poker-faced about the whole thing, but claims there is “an eight-figure licensing deal to obtain the biology and technology IP found in Shivers, Rabid, Scanners, The Brood, Videodrome, and eXistenZ.” That’s a pretty good chunk of bio-mechanical, creepy crawly, suggestive organs.

After the jump, David Cronenberg himself will tell you all about it and you’ll probably still be none the wiser. Took me a fair bit of digging to figure out it’s not a horror maze. I think it’s a web series of sorts now.

I just know that if anything goes wrong…blame Canada.