The Weekend Hangover: Angelina Jolie Slave Leia, Spock’s Crap, Christopher Lee Still Metal…

Rounding up highlights from reader-submitted tips in the Weekend Open Thread. This week’s tips are from SlyDante777, Anyone00, Gallen_Dugall, DrAbraxas, troi, James.k.Polk, rkwsuperstar, 10glfan59, Dr.Gonzo82, skrag2112, Timely-Tardis-Lego, FakeAssName, andre_morello.

How could I not lead with Angelina Jolie as Slave Leia?

Mike Leavitt

-Cthurkey looks pretty delicious to me…except for the bacon.

-When we hear talk of concurrent TV shows and movie franchises like The Dark Tower and Terminator, I think people forget there’s already a successful model for this…

-That whole “drowning + hypothermia = saved!” bit from The Abyss is starting to look more realistic.

-The greatest board game never made.

BORED GAME? from Dark Igloo on Vimeo.

-Is it finally time for anti-Terminator legislation?

-Can windshield wipers be replaced with soundwaves? As long as they sound better than the hideous squeaks mine make.

-Dr. Luigi looks to me like it should be a free Facebook game – not something to actually purchase.

-What the hell, McDonalds? Give them to me!

-It’s Your First Flash Mob, Charlie Brown!

-NOT the DC Version…

-I’ve been burned by Dolph over the years, so I didn’t post this right away. Big mistake.

-I will never, EVER watch this. That may be the fundamental difference between me and Rob.

Santa’s farting butt-travel pillow.

-Live-action Patlabor teaser

-Christopher Lee did another heavy metal Christmas album, which is why no old people have any excuse to be lame any more.

Community Season 5 animated trailer

-Nothing wrong with live octopus tentacles, haggis, or boiled blood IMO. Your mileage may vary…

-Many gingerbread Bothans died to bring you this information.

-FX’s new series Chozen brings you the best necrophilia rap video I’ve seen since the heyday of the Geto Boys.

Titanfall‘s Stryder was originally named “Aragorn son of Arathorn” until people pointed out that that sounded pretentious.

Gallen Dugall’s ebook on Amazon

-I’ll just leave this here.

-Beans, beans, the musical fruit, the more you eat, the more you make sound in a vacuum. You should never have left Planet Houston.

Hyrule Warriors teaser draws a reaction from the Iron Sheik

-Rhymes that keep their secrets should sometimes stay folded behind the clouds.

-This is some Willy Wonka shit.

-The year in Play-Doh

Doctor Who‘s “Aha!” moment.

-Let seizures commence!

-Santa Gorilla!

-That thing Vin Diesel has been saying since forever is finally confirmed by other people too.

-Catalan traditional-style statue of Spock taking a shit.


-That new Powerpuff Girls movie with Ringo Starr has given them a makeover…

-The gum that tastes like ass?