The Weekend Hangover: Facehugger Bong, Dollar Sex Toys, DC Cheaps out While Joe Dante Begs, More

Some of the best reader submissions from the Weekend Open Thread.

It’s a Patrick Swayze Christmas! (SlyDante777)

-Lego Blues Brothers car chase (rkwsuperstar).

-Joe Dante needs your help to make his Anton Yelchin zombie love story (SlyDante777)

Also: get your ass in the game!

And: Captain Picard’s Christmas song!

Dredd with puppets (rkwsuperstar).

Sex toys from Dollar Store items give cheap thrills (Timely-Tardis-Lego)

-They’ve barely started a cinematic universe, and already DC is looking to cheap out (SlyDante777).

And: a Tumblr dedicated to making every Bob’s Burgers creation for real.

And: Home Alone with puppies.

And: where do game characters go when they die? They don’t go to heaven where the angels fly.

Theremin and back again (RegularStormy)

And: Super Metroid hand-drawn animation!

And: a Banner figure from Hot Toys.

Christmas dinner in a can…or scooped out of THE can? (SlyDante777)

And: soap shaped like Nintendo cartridges. Just don’t drop it.

Mind control to major toy…take your headgear and then place it on a boy (rkwsuperstar).

Star Trek 3 may have slightly less 9/11 conspiracy subtext now (SpeedRacer20).

-For those of you with “yellow fever”: Marge Simpson on Project Runway (James.k.Polk).

And: When NASA met Cthulhu.

-If you’ve seen Pinocchio, you should already know how well crickets can sing (Dr.Gonzo82).

And: Ten year-old Bruce Wayne is coming to TV.

-Muppets vs. Gordon Ramsay (James.k.Polk).

…and the Miz.

Rob Bricken, voice actor (Timely-Tardis-Lego).

Facehugger bong, probably forgets to lay a chestburster if you’re lucky (RegularStormy).

Racism in Alabama? That’s unpossible (SlyDante777)

-Will the Game of Thrones video game take forever to download, and show you wieners in the meantime? (Dr.Gonzo82)

And: Tales From the Borderlands

-The Penis Analyzer (Timely-Tardis-Lego)

Luke Y. Thompson’s Penis
Ability : 22%]

-The music of GTA V concert (RegularStormy).

-Choo Choo Power Rangers! (SlyDante777)