Proof There’s No God: “Cum for Bigfoot” Is a 16-Volume Book Series

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I apologize to anyone offended by the religious language, which is perhaps overly hyperbolic. It’s just that nothing shakes my faith in the notion of humanity being created in some divine image more than looking at the book cover above. You know what they say: big feet, big…well, you know what they say.

But what about what others say? Oh, the review quotes – and their sources – are gold:

“If you like a skillfully developed group of characters, a descriptive setting, and a plot that actually has you rooting for the characters, you’ll like this read.”- Natalia Darque, author of Breeding Mom and Daughter and Breeding the Millionaire

“I’m completely hooked on this series.” – Katie Cramer, author of What Money Can Buy and Loving The Alien (Sci-Fi Tentacle Sex Erotica) (Quick and Dirty Reads)

“I’m totally going to drink till I vomit now” – Luke Y. Thompson, author of a post about pube-monsters earlier today.

Dubious thanks to The Daily Beast and SlyDante777 for this one.