Pokemon get Snoop Lion’d, and Scientifically Accurate [UPDATED]


I haven’t paid much attention to Snoop Dogg/Lion since at least E3, where he gave a free concert. On the basis of this new video, his music style has changed completely – or is this a case of “Lion” stuff and “Dogg” stuff being like that whole Garth Brooks/Chris Gaines nonsense that you probably don’t remember?

At any rate, his love for video games is still intact, as he depicts himself inside a Pokemon-like game, followed by a side-scrolling shooter. I only wonder if anyone thought to tell him that when reduced to 8 bits, he looks like a black Eric Cartman.

Also, Fox ADHD has given Pokemon their “Scientifically Accurate” treatment. It’s as gleefully gross and disturbing (and NSFW) as we’ve come to expect.

h/t SlyDante777