The Long Weekend Hangover: Attack on Titan Porn, Chogokin Hello Kitty, Dinos at a Gun Show


If you weren’t glued to your computer all week, here are some of the stories you missed from the open thread. Submissions this week came from Anyone00, SlyDante777, Timely-Tardis-Lego, NOT.DrAbraxas, Gallen_Dugall, troi, skrag2112, Rx79immigrant84, rkwsuperstar, James.k.Polk.

-With K-Stew getting intimate in a version of 1984, and Andy Serkis reinventing the politics of Animal Farm, George Orwell should going for quite a spin this year.

-A dark reboot of…well, you’ll see.

Super Smash Bros. meets The Empire Strikes Back

-I have not had it with these motherfuckin’ dinosaurs at this motherfuckin’ gun show.

-If you’ve never wanted to be a cat-slug, now you might.

-I don’t know what to say about this. Good nightmare?

-To the RoboSpiderMobile!

– Well shit, man.

-Disney has an official toy of “Nerd Ariel.” As part of series 66, which, considering they also own Star Wars, implies that we should be annihilating all of them.

-I’d love for the Razzie awards to go out on a limb and nominate something like August: Osage County just to puncture a few balloons. Instead, they go with easy – and in this case, sometimes ill-informed – choices.

-Urine for a treat, I can smell it.

-I don’t wish to mock the homemade sex doll, but I feel very, very sad for the one who needs it.

-Double o’s really can be a license to kill. Also, boobies.

-The virtual boyfriend game. If it’s realistic, it’ll go into sleep mode before you’re done playing.

-Miley Cyrus and John Kricfalusi. If it were a cop buddy movie, you’d never believe it. Instead, it’s a real business deal.

-A semen-based cookbook. You really are what you eat.

-Nothing sets the mood for sex like laser lights and a studio audience.

-1920s Sonic the Hedgehog.

-Robert Downey Jr. sings like (and with) Sting.

-How to make an Oscar-winning logline.

-Cthulhu is infiltrating our videogames with human-cephalopod relationship propaganda.

-Chogokin Hello Kitty! I posted images a while back, but here’s the actual commercial and, ahem, origin story, such as it is.

-Images from the Japanese Attack on Titan porn.

-When the Saw reboot happens, they can use this. Likewise, a Leatherface reboot can use this.

-Scale model of the universe, sort of.

-Be a fish with beefy arms and many hats.

Gillian Anderson, writer, has to be at least as good as that guy who wrote TekWar, right?

-More non-canonical Oz nonsense.

-Some custom Lego minifigs for sale: Walter White, Rick Grimes, Daenerys Targaryen, Ron Burgundy, Freddy Krueger.

-The worst corporate Martin Luther King Tweets.

-Is The Room the world’s most expensive Polish joke?

-The Smith & Wesson Backpack Cannon, unveiled at that same show with the dinosaur, presumably to kill it.

-Transformers toys will be simplifying; kids who like this will presumably yell out, “Go, Bots!”