The Long Weekend Hangover: Wonder Woman Workout Edition

Gal Gadot’s Facebook

Yeah, I think you know there was a fair involving toys…but what else happened this President’s Day weekend? Lots, it turns out. With thanks to Kyle LeClair for the assist in compiling, this week’s tipsters include: FakeAssName, skrag2112, Anyone00, rkwsuperstar, SlyDante777, troi, Dr.Gonzo82, Canadian.Scott, Citrus_King, Gallen_Dugall.

Keep reading for some of the weird and wonderful things you might have missed in our weekend open thread.

-“Somebody That I Used to Know,” Game of Thrones style.

-Why diamond engagement rings are a scam, and it does not matter one iota.

-Japanese urinal game videos piss me off.

-New Star Wars Rebels character Ezra Bridger will allow us to know once and for all if the Empire really is Better Than Ezra.

“Kissing Pillows” are only depressing if you have a real-life alternative. File this among the many things I’m glad weren’t around when I was young and lonely.

-Who’s a fake geek girl? Not Avril Lavigne.

Heavenly Sword: The Movie feels many years too late

Nipple fortune-telling is not what Mallrats promised us it would be.

-Alanis only had one hand in her pocket. You get an entire band with Drum Pants.

-You got your abstract art in my playground.

-If crows can bring souls back from the dead dressed like goth clowns, this actually isn’t as impressive, relatively.

-The full Lego Movie Batman song, in case you left before the credits ended.

-The Mega Man Gigamix, which presumably somebody can explain the truer significance of.

-Roddy Piper and Keith David kinda-sorta reenact their They Live fight scene.

-I hope Danzig got decent royalties for this.

-The secret adventures of action figures in Russia, and I will refrain from making a “figures YOU” joke.

-Yes, somebody defaced this porcelain plate. She meant to do that.

-If Megatron transforms into a vintage Sega console, he might get more attention than he expects.

-Lego considering a Macross Valkyrie. Kre-O will presumably rush to make Jetfire first.

-Well, at least a Canadian passport is useful for something =P

-The inevitable Big Bang Theory action figures can now get their asses kicked by your other action figures.

-Michael Keaton will hypothetically do a Beetlejuice sequel if Tim Burton is hypothetically involved and the hypothetical script is good. Stan Lee has already seen the hypothetical movie and confirms that it’s great…in the hypothetical reality where it’s already out.

-Because we demanded it, Goat Simulator will be a real game now. What do goats think about this? Meh.

-Now that fish actually do need wheeled vehicles, apparently, I guess women must finally need men too.

-“Hey! I’m Crazy Flower Pot Guy! Gimme shum candy!”

-A first-person Sons of Anarchy video game might be the closest you’ll get to hanging out with Ron Perlman.

-We found the weapons Omasse destruction…

Cherlene’s country album from Archer is real and on iTunes.

-Originally, The Thing “premake” had more practical effects than what ended up onscreen.

– Invisible Bones and the Fleshdom on the Crystal Skull.

-Hasbro is working with 3D printers, though they’ll probably only use ’em to make Kre-O.

-Okay, let’s get real. If Paul Walker were still alive, we’d be talking about the idea of him starring in a District B13 remake as a terrible, terrible idea. If you don’t believe me, remind me what your first reaction was to another Fast/Furious actor being cast as Wonder Woman.

-Nike makes a bold claim about Back to the Future Laces. I’m betting we see that holographic 3-D Jaws sequel first.

-Being drunk all the time: not as much fun as you’d think.

-German candy made to look like a butt with ears.

Star Citizen might not want to remind people of the whole “I’m a Mac, I’m a PC” bit.

-Climbing the world’s second tallest building, freehand. Fellas, ask King Kong all about how that doesn’t actually impress the ladies.