“I Want a Cabin Fever Prequel!” Said Nobody, in Vain


It’s trailer day, apparently. Here’s the big problem with Cabin Fever as a franchise: when you make what is essentially a slasher movie in which the killer is a flesh-eating virus, there is no suspense. It’s not like the killer can swing at you and miss; once you contract it you’re screwed, and there’s no satisfactory way to beat it. The best possible victory you will ever potentially get is a shot of somebody sticking a needle in their arm, and that’s hardly cathartic. Ti West tried to make the sequel into a social satire, but the end product got so mangled that he ended up publicly disowning it.

But logic never stopped anyone, so here are a trailer and a gory NSFW image from a brand new prequel – which I understand is part of a planned trilogy, Cthulhu help us – starring some Zach Galifianiakianakaias-looking charisma void, some dead fish, live lab mice and boobs…

EDIT: That’s Sean Astin in that beard, you say? Holy crap he looks bad. “I can’t carry the ring…but I can carry flesh-eating bacteria!” (h/t y2Jbrak in comments)