Overnight/Weekend Open Thread – Monkey Sea, Shrimpy Do!

It’s National Sea Monkey Day!


And there are quite a few fun tidbits that I didn’t get to do a full post on, so let’s take a look…

-It may be a stretch to call this a gaming console for dogs, but it’s sexier and more high-concept than “a food dish that acts like SIMON”

-Pneumatic, pop-out Wolverine claws. In two minutes, this is already the second-best Wolverine solo movie.

-Here’s to nerd-fu, thanks for everything, Julie Newmar.

-Super Terrific Vagina-Shaped Canoe.

-Kids fighting disabilities get some encouragement from original G.I. Joe voice-actors.

-There’s now a Mattel Store at LA airport, terminal 5.

-Female masturbation game HappyPlayTime will not be on iTunes.

-Want a 12″ bootleg toy of the hero car from Paul W. S. Anderson’s Death Race? Somebody must.

-George R.R. Martin plays himself in Robot Chicken‘s parody of The Birds.

-Oculus Rifts for chickens?

-Gareth Edwards has moved on to bigger monsters, but so has the DTV sequel to his previous film.

-What the redacted credits from Godzilla actually say.

The Purge will do a new live interactive show, and this time it’s touring.