A Predator Reboot Is In the Works


This is interesting. Predator is getting remade. From The Hollywood Reporter:

But before some purists cry foul, they should know that this reboot comes with an interesting attachment: Shane Black, the venerable screenwriter behind Lethal Weapon and writer-director of Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and Iron Man 3.

Black will write the treatment for the project, then will hand over scripting duties to Fred Dekker, his university chum with whom he wrote 1987’s Monster Squad. Black will oversee the writing and is also attached to direct.

Why this is a terrible idea: Remakes are, for the most part, creatively bankrupt.

Why this is an amazing idea: Shane Black, along with actually being a co-star of the original Predator is a tremendous writer/director who could do something really compelling with the story of men forced to fight an otherworldly hunter. I actually love this idea. Those who don’t, this is for you:

See, that felt good, didn’t it?