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Weekend Open Thread: Friday Fun Links and VerSpanken!



Don’t forget to enter the two contests we currently have running. And read on for some Friday fun links, including stick-figure porn. Seriously.

-This may be stick figures, yet somehow I fear it manages to be NSFW anyway.

-Here, Todd McFarlane, is an example of The Walking Dead as block figures that more people wanted.

-Facebook takes steps to ensure stupid people know The Onion is satire, ignoring the obscure sites that actually fool people.

-NECA secretly made a Toys R Us Exclusive Mego-style Jason Voorhees in Nintendo colors.

-An American soldier and an Islamic Jihadist briefly Twitter-bond over Robin Williams. Meanwhile, an American right-wing site insists the late comedian used demonic possession powers.

-Rob Liefeld has his own iOS app. Now, if I could just remember which of my 35 pouches I left my phone in…

-Simon Cowell is making a Betty Boop movie, because we can’t have nice things.

-An essential fast food flowchart.

-When you think Jules Verne, you naturally think Dwayne Johnson.

-Man tours around on a home-built velociraptor tricycle to protest kids being taught creationism.

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