Super Terrific Japanese Thing: The Oculus Rift Boob-Squeezing Game


Fourteen year-old me would have been all over this

Wait, no. Scratch that. I just remembered what my life was actually like at 14. Know what would have really happened? My dad would have somehow found out about this thing in the New York Times, got it for me as a birthday present and left me terribly embarrassed to even touch the box it came in. Point is, there’s a Japanese 3D VR game about squeezing breasts, and it comes with a breast-shaped controller.

Yeah. And we get all worked up about female background characters in Grand Theft Auto and whether or not they’re sexist. Not to minimize that debate, but the fact that we’ve even gotten to that point still places us way ahead of Japan.

Inevitably, if this becomes a big thing, there will be a device made that allows you to mimic the sensation of stabbing people. And that’s when stuff will get ultra-creepy.