“Oh Hymen Mark!” There Is Now a Porn Parody of The Room


It hardly seems necessary, given the original movie’s explicit and gratuitous sex scenes, bad acting, and bizarrely banal subplots about adultery, pizza delivery and underwears, but yes, the folks at Woodrocket [NSFW link, obviously] decided to try and make an even more ridiculous and explicit version of Tommy Wiseau’s magnum opus, starring a guy who looks like Andy Samberg in a wig. Their stock footage of San Francisco, it must be said, is far more artfully shot than the original’s.

They don’t go quite all the way with the joke, though – a trope among Room fans to exaggerate the extent to which Juliette Danielle’s Lisa had a little baby fat, and rather than actually cast a plus-sized porn actor to own the fat jokes, director Lee Roy Myers went way skinnier. It was probably in his best interest commercially, but this Lisa could use the extra carbs and pizza.

On the plus side, the parody’s only a little more than half an hour long.