Ask Luke’s Mother-in-Law – Disney Parades and Halloween Cats


Martha Boyd is not just Luke’s mother-in-law – she’s also an ex-cop, a landlord, a self-described crazy cat lady, a major Star Trek geek and the widow of a green beret. So go ahead: ask her anything. But be nice. Being nuts is okay, though. We’re all mad here.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!! One of my favorite holidays. Well, last weekend I went to the Anaheim Halloween Parade. It has been going on forever. I remember going to the parade when I was little – we used to go to my Uncle Bill’s furniture store on Anaheim Blvd and watch the parade. He was the mayor of Anaheim for several years. No, Mickey Mouse is not the mayor; however, there have been times when that seemed the case. Anyway I included 2 pictures taken at the parade. They did not come out really well – but it was the best I could get with my camera and they were moving pretty fast. One of the pictures is Andy Anaheim done by the Historical Society and the other is Rocket Witch. The parade was nice, but not as good as in other years. The only Anaheim Unified HS band that showed this year was Anaheim HS. We have 10+ high schools in Anaheim and only 1 showed – really?????.

The other disappointment was Disneyland. They had 1 small carriage and Donald Duck. I can remember years when they had lots of characters, handed out trinkets to the crowd and Mickey/Minnie were on a great float. I guess they just could not afford anything more – after all, they just raised ticket prices for the park again. Anyway we got our chairs on the parade route at 11 am and came back at 5 p.m. for the 6 p.m. kick-off. We now sit on Broadway at the Police Department. Dinner is from Carls Jr’s across the street. Burgers, onion rings and Coke – yummy.

Halloween out here is done on the traditional day 10/31. Some of the schools, parks and churchs are having harvest festivals Friday night. In the in town neighborhoods kids can go door to door. Out at my house there is no trick or treat. I, however will be at the store on Saturday morning to get my 1/2-price candy. My fav is Reese’s peanut butter cups. Next fav is Nestle Crunch. Also Saturday is the 1st Saturday of the month breakfast at Copper Mountain Association. Can’t wait for my biscuts and gravy.

Been trying to find and try the Kahula Pumpkin Spice – anyone found any? If so, was it good?

So what silliness have you all sent me this week?


Do you think that the more a story or piece of literature makes its way into public domain that we start to lose something in that piece of work? Have we ruined it for future generations to enjoy?

No – look at great authors like Shakespeare and Lewis Carroll. Their work is very old and has been in public domain for ages, but the work holds in modern times and is wonderful reading now and for future generations. Of course, this is classic literature. Even Peanuts will hold up for years to come. Good writing is good wriing and can stand the test of time.

Adam C:
Why does nodding of the head signify Yes and shaking of the head No?

Well, not really sure where this came from, but it seems to have had this meaning for many years. Have you ever noticed that it is also connected to eyes and the facial expression? I tried in front of a mirror after getting your question. Tried to nod up and down and I generally smiled and my eyes got a bit of a happy look. Then tried to go side to side and it was really hard to smile; my mouth generally frowned or drew tight and my eyes did not look happy. Try it; very weird. So my best guess is that these actions are tied to your face muscels and it can only work this way – hope that helps.

Jay M:
What does one do with a 100+ pound dog who loves shoving her head into your armpit while being petted, while shoving up on your shoulder during?

Go with the flow and hope she does not knock you over. Dogs and cats give loving by the glands in the top of their heads. Your best glands are in your arm pit. They are matching glands with glands of someone they love and trust. It is their way of giving you the high honor of love. My kitties do the same and add in the needing of the claws. About all you can do is a firm push of the dog down to sitting and a firm no. You will probably have to keep doing this several times until they get the idea. Or as I said at the start, just go with it – it’s good lovin’.

QUESTION! Since the Ebola virus works by penetrating the walls of the circulatory system and reproducing in those cells wouldn’t that mean that we in western civilization, with our circulatory systems coated in thick layers of protective cholesterol plaque, would be immune? Yeah, vegetarians would probably still die horribly, but most of us probably wouldn’t even have to take a day off work.

Maybe that is why the health workers who are returning are getting sick – they were too healthy, as they most likely don’t eat a lot of cholesterol producing junk food. But I feel that is most likely not the reason. I think the only way we can not catch Ebola is not to have an infected person, barf, pee, poop, sneeze or bleed on us. I really admire the doctors and nurses who are risking their own health to help in Africa – they are really such special people. There are not many who would take up such a challenge.

Dear LYT’s Mother in Law,
How do I deal with my cat at night? A rundown: He will often run around as quick as he can from my room to the living room and back again. I can’t leave my door closed because he will scratch at the carpet (Like I said a few weeks ago, we’re not actually aloud to have pets, so we might get in trouble). He also like to attack my toes when I’m in bed, and this is bad news for someone who moves around in their sleep. Oh, and he takes forever deciding whether or not he wants to go outside. Is there anything I can do to solve this?

If you are not to have pets, why is he going outside? Wouldn’t some one see him coming and going? I would be so afraid he and I would get found out. My indoor babies stay indoors always.

My fur babies do the grand prix race in the morning, but thankfully not at night. All five of them feel that it is their duty to run from one end of the house to the other, via jumping on the dining table, bar, center island etc. Oh, and the fun of coming to a halt on the throw rugs and sliding them on the floor. Anyway, to your issue: the night time run. Yeah, you can’t leave your door closed – that will just upset the kitty. We do night-night snuggle time. They get carried to bed and cuddled to get them quiet. This is mostly for the younger ones, Pirate and Love Bug. Frizzy still likes to sometimes do this and Felix and Boo just like the lift to the bed. But they all like when mama kitty (Me) gets in the middle and purrs with them. I also try not to let them sleep to much during the day so that when it is bedtime they are more willing to just cuddle and sleep.

I also have a couple of toe attackers in the bunch. The only thing that works at this point is to put a quilt at the foot of the bed. My toes go under the quilt. They can pounce all they want, but they can’t bite the toes. Good luck

Another question: At my Haunted Maze job, while most of the costumers are generally decent, I’ve gotten quite a few (For lack of a better term) assholes through the nights. There have been more obnoxious children than I care to count (And this is from someone who likes children), and someone hit me with an umbrella the other night. I’m not the only one with this problem; at least one female coworker has been called ‘whore’ one too many times (I’m betting more have as well; I assume I haven’t because my costumes are generally pretty baggy), and another coworker got cold hot-chocolate poured down her neck. How can I deal with people like this, without breaking character or getting in trouble?

Lovely; I take it that the management of the maze has no rules for patrons, or if they do they don’t enforce them. I know you can’t hit them back and you can’t return the name-calling either. Would you believe things like this even happen at Disneyland with the characters? I have several friends who worked as D-land characters in the past and they are kicked, hit etc. almost every day. Even though they always have a supervisor with them. I have seen guests removed from the park for this behavior if they do not stop when requested.

There is probably not much that can be done this year as Halloween is almost here. But next year, if it is the same person or group running the maze and generally the same people doing the scaring, perhaps this can be dealt with up front and some security put in the maze and rules posted prior to entry on conduct.

Dear Luke’s Mom,

I want to add another woman into my living situation.
But my wife, Kimiko, a Japanese body pillow, is very traditional.

How do i tell her i want to bring our friend, Candy, a blowup doll of a female Mr. Bean, into our lives?

Very carefully, and make sure you have removed all sharp objects from within Kimiko’s reach. Introduce them as slowly as possible, small breaths to get her used to the idea.

Dear LM,
I was asking about the Darren McGavin T.V. show, I enjoyed it when it aired, and I had a hankering to see it again.

As a dedicated rock hound as a kid. I got my parents to get me a rock tumbler for Christmas. It actually worked quite well. Have you ever had a rock tumbler?

Yes. My husband has a small one to do finish work and then he liked to make belt buckles. We also have a big one in the yard that he could put larger pieces of rock in and crush it. It also has large metal balls that go in with the ore to help break it up. It is a lot of fun to tumble and polish rocks; great hobby. Out where I live we have lots of ruby and turquoise mines so you can get lots of samples to work with.

Are the eggs in egg mcmuffins et al real eggs? They look so different from most eggs but then again they do have an eggy texture.

When I was working at McDonalds in the 1970s, yes, they were real eggs. The grill person had sized rings on the grill and the egg was cracked into the ring for the round egg to fit the muffin. As soon as the white was cooked, the yolk was popped and the egg flipped which made the nice yellow color on one side of the egg. So hopefully this is still how they are doing the eggs. I doubt they are using something like egg beaters as they still have the white and yellow colors and you can’t get that with a liquid egg product.

Well, that’s all folks – have to get this to LYT even sooner than normal this week. Thursday morning at 8 am until 5 pm the power company is turning off the juice for the full day to do upgrades, so they say. They work at night, and I don’t know why this can’t be done at night and not during the work day. I have ice making in the freezer to keep things cool for the day. Packed a lunch already so I can eat and will be putting coffee into a thermos. Just remembered I have to put up “out of the office” on the email so my clients don’t get upset. Will be watching the Halloween specials on TV on Friday. Love to watch the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown. We belive in the Great Pumpkin at my house.

The final pic I sent in this week is my fur baby BOO She looks so Halloween in this pic, I think it is the orange candle in the pic with her – so pretty.


As always, keep those questions coming! Any questions submitted in comments below will be included in future columns.