Week-Starter: Vinyl Guardians, Cowboy Game of Thrones, Bob’s Burgers Porn and More!


If you-ooooo-oooo…are hooked on the vinyl! Then there’s a version of the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack for you.

Here are some other stories you might have missed, if not for the compiling assistance of Kyle LeClair and the tipster powers of Patch999, Gallen_Dugall, SlyDante777, skrag2112, RegularStormy, Rx79immigrant84, troi. Also, I’m experimenting with titles other than Weekend Hangover, just to see if they get better traction. Feeling like maybe positioning this as a kickoff rather than leftover might be more pro-active. We’ll see.

1. Wild Wild Westeros.

If Clint Eastwood were to enter the Game of Thrones world, it would be to this version of the theme music. Likewise, when Quentin Tarantino one day gets around to doing his inevitable pastiche-heavy fantasy movie, he needs to be aware of this.

2. “L” of a Metaphor.

I like what Far Cry 4 does with the whole lion/lamb thing way better than when Twilight was co-opting said imagery.

3. An’ He May…

Having made a hit song for Minions, Pharrell Williams continues his journey through cartoons into anime and Japanese video games.

4. Beware Giving Potato Head.


Stick a potato up your vagina, and it really will be a jungle down there.

5. Wrong Rick.

We want Rick Grimes to save us when there’s a global pandemic. Rick Perry? A tad less confidence-inspiring when you add The Walking Dead theme music.

6. Unstain Through the Membrane.

I don’t have anything to add to “Blood Scrubbing Nano Magnets.” Somebody tell me what he’s actually talking about and maybe then I might.

7. Peeknuckle.

Likewise, “A Farting Full-Pelvis Condom That Limits Skin-On-Skin Contact.” Though I’m pretty sure I do understand that.

8. Joss Wii-don.

Nintendo meets Avengers, and it’s a super smash, brother!

9. Be a Handie Man.

Handie Man, Handie Man, does whatever a vagina can…if only those of you ordering this knew how to find one.

10. Tina Turning.

Eclectic Method gets musical with Bob’s Burgers. You’ll flip for it.

11. Egg McMuffin v. Big Mac: Dawn of Shit That’s Bad for You.

Egghead won’t be too happy about Hong Kong McDonalds’ new Batman burger.

12. Sim, Sim, Sala Bim!

Will my wife be soothed by the new downloadable content being offered for The Sims 4? Unlikely. I told her about the Star Wars costumes, and she responded, “They probably won’t download properly.”

13. Did They Really Do It? I Reckon They Mastodon…

Somehow this heavy rock band found a way to make twerking totally metal.

14. Teen-Rage Mutant Psycho Turtle.


Looks like the mascot of the Maryland terrapins encountered some retromutagen ooze.

15. Burgers, Meet Wieners.

While most cartoon fantasies tend towards those that feature attractive characters…somebody has to be happy there’s a Bob’s Burgers porn, right?

16. This One Time, at…


The full Banjo-Kazooie soundtrack is now available.