Surprised It Took This Long. Here’s a Porn Short Filmed With Drones.


As you can see, the porn part is sometimes a little difficult to make out, because this is one of them there artistic statements. The idea being, “What if we were randomly having sex in a really unlikely wide-open space and a drone flew overhead?”

“We wanted to see the artistic value of this perspective,” says one of the filmmakers of “Drone Boning.” “The plan was to take beautiful landscapes and just put people fucking in them,” says another.

“Even drones know to make love and not war, maaaan!” said some random hippie I just made up.

NSFW, obviously – but not that really explicit considering the sex is far away and tiny, and most of it is simulated. Unless they’re just saying that to not get kicked off of Vimeo

h/t Gallen_Dugall