EXCLUSIVE: Red-Band Trailer for Disturbing Power Ranger Parody Cosplay Fetish Battle Drones

Vaginal cucumber! Aborted fetuses! Dripping sink nozzle! Not quite the Megazords you remember.


Jason stared into the sink, as its ceaseless dripping lead him to manic hysteria; Evie was violated by a dominatrix with a cucumber; Billy suppressed the memory of his parent’s murder (by reading their killers weekly poems); Maya, the goddess of delusion, lost her quintuplets in a forced abortion; Antoine awoke to the sight of a Hindu god, holding the severed eyes of his aunt, and surrogate mother; and Tommy, slave to a clock haunted by his grandpa, is forced to punish his enemies in the name of karmic justice.

What if their psychic energy left an indelible mark across the face of the Universe? A physical tumor in the collective unconscious, glowing brightly above a distant field. United by their collective trauma, these six teens find themselves teleported to a suburban living room / command center, where they meet Dad, an alien creature who speaks to them by way of a mysterious crystalline intercom. Dad entrusts the teens with awesome new powers, and a dangerous mission: hunt down, and destroy, the tumor that they created.

In an uprising of energy, the COSPLAY FETISH BATTLE DRONES are born… Armed with spandex, helmets, and superpowers, they embark on their mission in search of the tumor.

We’re both proud and feeling kinda dirty to present the debut of the red-band trailer for Cosplay Fetish Battle Drones, available on-demand starting Nov. 18th and up for preorder on DVD. Totally NSFW, in case it wasn’t obvious.

TOPLESS ROBOT EXCLUSIVE: Cosplay Fetish Battle Drones Red-Band Trailer from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.